Mine Epic Heroic Poetry Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Mine Epic Heroic Poetry

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Your voice is like music to my ears
your whisper is like the soften breeze
you may wander daily anywhere, but never freeze
I remain still healthy even though you'll sneeze

I don´t get caught a cold easily
since you oft support me with bumble-bee honey
I am now amidst thousandfold cold
I never get sick even though´m so old

as years pass by many milliard miles
pay attention to nature around thee
the surrounds turn old very old whilst
thou and I not, due to consuming
thy own body bumble-bee bunny

thou support me as much as thou canst
I have glee such as our beloved mums
both have pleasure on heaven´s spot
thou playeth and study whilst I pray to God

then I will travel again in search of new cod
and bread to feed our mind and soul
based upon ora et labora our beings`whole
thou art mine and I am thine

remember thou sayth whilst we playeth
con amore forever more
thou in mine and I´m in thine
in our own surrounds, I feel fine

thou art God´s child so mild
thou stays calm on rivers wild
I pray everyday myriad ways
Oh Lord, keep mine heart pure

your voice is like music to my ears
your whisper is like the tender breeze
imagine why I never freeze
you refreshened the day before it seized

you feed me with strawberry love sweet
honeybee and bumble-bee bunny
but despite so many
you empower me with your cutest showers
darling baby bumble-bee of me

Ora et Labora means: Pray and Work
Con Amore means: With Love

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Copyright Protected
Photography by Sylvia Frances Chan "The Most Artful Sundown"

Early morn-AD.the 12th of December 2017
@ 5.25 hrs A.M. West-European Time-Code Red not unfrozen yet

Mine Epic Heroic Poetry
Will be added as soonest as possible, thank you, sincerely Sylvia FC
Sylvia Frances Chan 28 September 2019

Thank YOU, Bernard. God loves you! Amen. Thankful to you for reading this.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 12 December 2017

Sylvia, such a sublime poem??????

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 February 2018

Thank you so much, Bernard. Your responses are oft of such a unique kind, what a sweetnes you are spreading here. I have taken your good thumbs up here, thank you! ??????

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