Misconception Of My Truth Poem by Jeremy Horsford

Misconception Of My Truth

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Belief is that half truth, which I was misled
into accepting when my mind was vulnerable
and untrue.

Belief set me up to be subdued by their truth.

Their truth is no truth of mine.

I once heard, 'The truth will set you free'.
So where does this leave truth?

I was told, reverie is my truth.

Their truth is an attempt to extinguish all
that I know to be true, so how can their
truth be trusted? ! Isn't my truth to be
trusted or what I know to be true?

How can their truth trump all truths?

Considering my truth is contested by their
truth, can their truth not suffer the fate of
untrue truths?

I wonder...is there a decider of what is
true? A truth champion; a bringer of truth?
If so, where can I find the one who is truely true?

Surely the champion of truth will reign my
truth to be true. Be this true or just a
fading thought of hope.

Sunday, January 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: trust
Fabrizio Frosini 25 January 2016

Hi Jeremy, would you like to join our new editorial project: '' POETRY AGAINST INEQUALITY ''? if you are interested, let me know Cheers __________ - DEADLINE: February 20,2016 - 1 POEM (in English) of maximum 25 lines; - SUBJECT: 'INEQUALITY' as it is described in the OXFAM Report 2016 (released on Jan.18) -

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Jeremy Horsford 26 January 2016

Hi Fabrizio, I'll have a think about it and let you know. Jeremy

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Paul Amrod 06 January 2017

Hi Jeremy, The word pluralism comes to mind. Learning about the basis of another concept of truth is the only valid respect of truth itself. A very wonderful poem which I feel leaves this question open. My poetry is constantly emphasizing this point of view. No one should feel they possess the ultimate truth rather they should further study the universe within their essence. Thanks for sharing, Paul

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Seamus O Brian 26 December 2016

Pontius Pilate, very well versed in the Greek rhetoric of the day, facing all of the factious political struggles of Palestine, asked the very question when faced with the Jewish leaders demanding he crucify trouble-making, self-styled rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth. What is truth? he asked. We are forever doomed to estimations of truth, as we are, by design, receivers of data transmitted by sources outside of ourselves, received through fallible systems of sensory input sensitive to context and environment, processed by fallible bio-systems of analysis, and stored in fallible systems of organic data management. If truth is an objective, inflexible reality, a precise delineation of a series of fractionations of an infinitely fractionating multi-dimensional system-state, then we are only capable of small approximations of truth, and our appropriate demeanor in our quest of acquiring understandings of truth should always and forever, first and foremost be an attitude of utter humility. Thank you for this insightful and contemplative work.

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Jeremy Horsford 26 December 2016

An unlikely event, but possible.

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Jeremy Horsford 26 December 2016

Great comment. Have you ever thought that there could be an alternative to what could be considered truth? That could be...if the truth began as one and the truth shattered into the many (i.e us being shards of truth) , the only way for truth to be one, is for us to come together.

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Iqra Hassan 08 August 2016

can I relate it to Shakespeare's to be or not to be...? I found it an amazingly intriguing read.

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Sumit Ganguly 23 June 2016

Belief, truth, faith everything in this world are seen in relative perspective. Hope also is relative to the facts and efforts.

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Tom Billsborough 19 June 2016

A cleverly worked argument and that's the truth... well, my truth.. What is subjective and what objective.. Is there a Truth referee to whom we can appeal? It is a most interesting poem and I shall come back to it often Tom Billsborough

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Tom Billsborough 25 December 2016

Hi Jeremy, Couldn't wait till after Boxing Day. I re-read this one now and it is worth many a read. If I remember I'll print off a copy later. I shall visit some of your other poems before the New Year!

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