I Am The Same Poem by Jeremy Horsford

I Am The Same

Rating: 4.1

I am black, white, yellow and brown.
I am a quadruped, biped and a triped.
I am physically and mentally challenged.
I am beautiful, adventurous and fierce.
I am afraid, fearless, good and evil.
I am love, estranged and indifferent.
I am a believer.
I am hope.
I am different, but I am the same.

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: equality
Paul Amrod 26 July 2015

Hi Jeremy I found this fun and interesting but I would like I am a believer. I think the article must be there. Paul

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Jeremy Horsford 30 July 2015

Thank you for pointing that out. Amendment made.

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Vanessa Kouassi 29 July 2015

very nice one keep going!

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Melvina Germain 14 August 2015

You are amazing and this poem needs a wider audience, it's short and to the point. I love it.....

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Briony Nicholls 15 August 2015

A very nice philosophical poem however the sentence I am a paraplegic is not quite what most people would identify with, as it is a very specific physical description that is not quite as metaphoric as a poet may hope for. I do admire your attempt to be inclusive and all embracing of the human race. A very ambitious goal in any poem.

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Gerry Legister 06 December 2015

fine write, beautiful adventurous and fierce

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Adrienne Crawford 11 October 2015

It makes you think I liked the idea of it. well done

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Sina Farajzadeh 05 October 2015

These are just some words attributed to your self. I guess you might like my poem ''I Am...

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Sofia Kioroglou 03 October 2015

An exquisite poem with the aftertaste still lingering. Thanks for sharing your work!

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Julie Kops 25 September 2015

beautiful truth well done :)

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Jeremy Horsford

Jeremy Horsford

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