Angela M Weber

Rookie (05/10/1971 / WASHINGTON STATE)

Missing You - Poem by Angela M Weber

Missing you
the hardest thing I ever had to do
the saying of good bye
the not knowin of why
missing you is the heartbreak
that brings to me when
all I do is love you.
I come to you here and there
leave you - never of being aware
the hardest thing to do
is the missing you.
I cry often deep inside
from the not bein with you
holding you
caressing you
laughing and smiling with you
I cry often
when I think of you
not here with me, or
me there with you.
I often am sad at the thought
of you with someone new
someone else- not me
It brings a knot to the center
of my being when I close my eyes
and you are with - well, not me.
when we don't talk
or you ignore me
I often wonder is it cuz of her
or was it me?
Missing you is not that easy
its like not being able to breathe,
not eat
not sleep or even dream.
Missing you is my hearts
desire to always hold on
to your hand and your sweetness
to have you near me
is my very weakness.
Missing you is so hard to do
when all I want is you.
Peace, serenity- the
quiet of our innerselves
I miss you- your touch
the way you look into my eyes
when our lips unite
the feel of your hand in mine...
I miss your smile and your
gentle ways, kindness and caring
ways. I miss your mind-
the way your body feels against mine
missing you is the hardest thing
I ever had to do.
the memories in which we share
the good times and the adventure
the fast times and the-quiet times
its all in how we care.
Grey clouds upon my heart
the raining in my veins
brings the thunderstorms
of never seein you again.
those thoughts I never wanna have
yet, they are there and I can feel
that deep stab... the brokeness
of you so very far away.
I hear absence makes the heart
grow fonder-that I do not believe.
I believe it causes the emptiness
in which our desires are fed to be
denied once again.
missing you is so hard to do
so tell me
why is it that I am sittin here thinking
of you- missin you- loving you
when your there... not missing me?
I give you my being,
I give you my all- in return
you don't return my call.
making me feel like
your flavor of the week- -
not the one to make you weak
the one you love or even speak
of, making me feel so empty
and alone.
missing you is the hardest thing
I ever had to do....

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