Mixed Emotions Poem by Jim Yerman

Mixed Emotions

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As we visited our youngest grandson in his first year of college…a college close to the ocean…I must admit…the two of us…were filled with mixed emotions.

Our minds were happy seeing he's grown into a fine young man…more confident and stronger…while our hearts were a little more melancholy…wishing he had remained a child just a little longer.

It's a mix of emotions I imagine all parents and grandparents feel as each moment slips into the past…proud at who our children and grandchildren are becoming…while wishing time wouldn't move so fast.

As he showed us around his campus…his dorm…our minds flipped from today back to when he was a child…years ago…and both of us felt blessed to have been around to watch him grow.

When our visit was over…after we hugged…as he walked away…he turned and waved goodbye…and I held onto Deborah's hand as she began to cry.

Those mixed emotions bubbling up again…sad at how fast the time is going….
but as we watched him walk away….proud at how much he's growing.


Top score, Jim, dear poet

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Every parent or grandparent wants to see his/her child grow faster into a man/womsn, with one half of their heat. And with the other half, they want to see them remain children, thought their life. True.

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