Moi And The Boat

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Everyone has dreams, big and small
Some as big as a shopping mall
Others small but unique like a gem
With mine, I can just shout or hem

I sometimes wonder who I am
I am often as soft as a wrinkle-less palm
Try to be a bit more hard like a tree trunk
But I end up being a soft chocolate chunk

My mind is often filled with dust
A little bit of care is a must
To keep my vibes away from rust
As I march towards my goal, quite robust

People are staring at my face
As if it is something as precious as a diamond lace
I try to make myself look more bright
With all my latent strength and might

If things go wrong, glasses break because of the goodness I exhale
I will not cry, I will not wail, I will just inhale
Afterall, having a bag of memories as sharp as knife
Is the true essence and the "life" of life

Like the sweet honey hidden in the beehive
The sweetness of us is what makes us alive
So be sweet, strong, live long but never wrong
Be warm, don't lose the charm and never leave a palm

Some one's gonna come, someone's gonna go
But, darling, all you've got to do is relax and bow
But never ever bend too low
Fly high in the sky with the ground below

'Cause we live once and only once
Why not just fill it with eloquence
Remember with the boat called life, we've got a long way to go
And to move on, you've just got to row, row and row

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,me,personality
Cheryl Tutaan 07 August 2018

Wow, this is a very cute story...I enjoyed reading every single line of it :) A well crafted rhymed poem indeed I rate it a highest 10++++. You would also like to visit my My Culinary Life. Thank you so much, Sneha... Cheryl?

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Sneha R 08 August 2018

Thank you. So sweet of you to say that. Means a lot.

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