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Supermarket Shopping

Rating: 4.8

A pound in the slot and out comes the chain,
It's Saturday supermarket shopping again,
And so I've obtained my large wire trolley,
And when shopping, you certainly need loads of lolly!

The shelves will be stacked with goodies galore,
There are loads to be seen from ceiling to floor,
Things that we need and things for a treat,
Food to have cold and food you must heat.

Bright coloured fruit and vegetables are,
Good for your health and keep you up to par,
Bread, rolls and biscuits, crisps and savoury snacks,
On their own, or in multiple packs.

Cheeses and yogurts, cream, butter and milk,
Some with strong flavours and some smooth as silk,
Sauces and pickles, mustards and dips,
Bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and chips.

What gorgeous thoughts the word 'food' conjures up,
Especially if you're hungry and you wish to sup,
The aromas and spices, and sweet things and sour,
Shortcrust and flaky pastries, both of which are made with flour.

All kinds of fish dishes like haddock and dab,
Sardine, pilchard, tuna, anchovy and crab,
Squid if you like, it is lovely when fried,
It's really delicious to eat, have you tried?

Salmon of course, is the best of the lot,
This is a fish you can serve cold or hot,
With a salad to garnish, the taste is divine,
It's really become a great favourite of mine.

Desserts are mouth watering, they just have to be bought,
From gateaux's with chocolate, or a raspberry torte,
Strawberry pavlovas, or nutty meringues.
Each and everyone of them will answer your pangs.

Bottles of wine, of red and of white,
Champagne to drink on that one special night,
Maybe a gin, a vodka or sherry,
But with all of this, you can soon become merry.

So reaching the 'cash out' you stand there and check,
On all that you've purchased, it's only a speck,
Of what was on offer, one could buy up the lot,
But most likely you're contented with what you have got.

© Ernestine Northover

Abdul Rahman 15 July 2018

Good ????poem nice job

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Duncan Wyllie 09 May 2006

Mackeral for me, cracked pepper and fresh from the SUPERMARKET. Loads of fun and wonderful observation, well done, you really are a star, Love Duncan

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Shannon Chapel 09 December 2005

Ernestine, Well done. The reader can tell a lot of preparation went into this poem. lol And yes, I have tried (squid, that is) . Shannon

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Simon Whild 02 November 2005

I shall remember this poem when I venture out on Saturday in the direction of Sainsbury's. I like it because it satirises the vast choice of goods we have and the plethora of special offers etc. The rhyming couples give over the hustle bustle feel you get in supermarkets. I couldn't help but laugh aloud.

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Mary Nagy 08 September 2005

The thing I love most about your poetry is the way you write about everyday things like this. We all go grocery shopping but it takes a real skill to put such a task to a poem. Well done. Sincerely, Mary

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