Money Mate Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Money Mate

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Money mate
how much my heart is aching
my bank is no longer at its place standing

money mate
is an ATM for everyone
with one condition
also for you of course
if you have real money with value

at one of the following banks:
ABN Amro
your balance must not be below zero
but you get all the service for above and below zero

the logo in green
for my favorite colour
a kiss-a-bliss
money doesn't stink, but it doesn't smell either

then you have the Rabobank
also to be found in De Geldmaat,
most Money Sizes only have 20 Euro bills,
there is one on the Bongerd,
can you still pin 5 Euro
start, but can you collect now?

drove so hard to get there,
fortunately no barriers
Unfortunately, it is out of service today

since the previous year
De Geldmaat is ready for you
but your own bank is closed
no longer any service,
you can only go to De Geldmaat
that is now your bank and ATM
for your cash to pick up

each time I feel unpretty,
no more talks
that hurts my heart so,
no need to choose a language either
just press a button and press it again
the first for your amount of choice
and then pick up your cash
don't leave your pass, take it out!
for no man can warn you
or payout

©Sylvia Frances Chan
26 May 2023

Money Mate
This is a translation of the poem Geldmaat by Sylvia Frances Chan
Saturday, May 27, 2023
Poet's Note: so many banks are represented in these Geldmaats, most banks are closed, there are no more staff to serve you, only to call home, are you still in touch, this way your relationship with your bank will still remain intact. What Money Mate? ! It's still your own money, others with the banks on it put their money in here too, cleverly arranged: the banks now have their way it is nothing but always that money gain, for the bank and not for us, all our money is in it!

I retired a few years back as an executive from a bank in India. I remember my initial days in the bank, when we maintained accounts, books, registers and ledgers manually. Before IT and computers invaded the banks. We used to have one-to-one interaction with customers

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M. Asim Nehal 27 May 2023

All in the name of cost cutting and to avoid regular staff payments. Good poem 👌5*

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Thank you for your response, Dr. M. Asim Nehal Sir. Also for the 5*****

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Thank you so much, Dr. M. Asim Nehal Sir!

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....Thank you so much for your 5 highest Star!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 May 2023

All Banks in the NL? Dunno

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 May 2023

NO banks open? Only GELDMAAT? YES!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 May 2023

Interesting words

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 May 2023


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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 May 2023

Good poem!

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