New Morning Poem by Pia Andersson

New Morning

Rating: 5.0

Let your eyes
confirm me.

Let my breasts rest
in the palm of your hands,
in their nest.

Cover my body,
with sunflower seeds.

Leave the blue.

Walk through the yellow field
with me
without looking back.

Let there be gold.
Let there be truth.
Let there be light.

Let there be
a new morning.

William Jackson 31 July 2006

Lovely images. Another 10!

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Will Barber 06 August 2006

Astounding, wonderful imagery. Pure gold.

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Catastrophe King 08 August 2006

To convey such deep emotions you have used the simplest of the words.. this is amazing! ! ! A 10 from me too!

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Rex Islam 20 August 2006

Passionate longing to be the beloved of the man totally devoted to his wife. It’s beautiful love poetry.

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Catastrophe King 04 September 2006

I come back here again and again to read something new from you, but this is the last one uploaded by you - on 27th July 2006. I wonder when will you share with us more of your beautiful narrations.

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Dr Antony Theodore 21 April 2010

Let my breast rest on your palms, cover my body with sunflower seeds let there be gold, truth and life very nice lines..

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Akram Awadat 27 October 2009

ya sure it is very beautiful lines a big value poem 10+

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Milda Morse 07 October 2007

Brillant expression in simplest terms. A definate 10. You don't write often but when you do your words shine. Love your work and view it with envy. Milda

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Nimal Dunuhinga 07 October 2007

I see a nymph in a beautiful morning.

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Broken Peaces 27 August 2007

Beautiful conception beautifully written Chris

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