Mother Earth - Bhayanaka Or Terrible Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Mother Earth - Bhayanaka Or Terrible

Rating: 5.0

When man begins to tamper
With the rhythm of nature,
Digs, cuts and chops the trees,
Constructs cement walls of unnatural height
Blocking air and space
He is meddling with the harmonious trend
And working of Nature!
When the blue rivers and green oceans
Turn grey and black with wasted oil,
The atmosphere filled with poisonous gas.
Nature's rhythmic dance misses a vital beat.
Mother earth in her anger creates havoc-
The molten lava comes flowing down,
Floods bury villages and towns,
The forest fire consumes the green habitat.
The Mother Earth warns against intrusions
She turns into Bhayanaka Bhoomi-
The furious and terrible Mother!

Kumarmani Mahakul 16 May 2018

Man does harm to nature by cutting trees, digging soil, constructing cement walls of unnatural height for blocking air and space. Wasted oil and poisonous gas from vehicles make the Mother earth furious for which Mother earth in her anger creates havoc and becomes Bhayanaka Or Terrible. A brilliant poem on earth has been presented startlingly.10

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M Asim Nehal 15 January 2017

A thought provoking poem, indeed we are passing through the difficult phase of our lives.

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Thank you Nehal ji. You have always been very kind.

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