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Flower 1 - The Beautiful Lotus

Rating: 4.7

The beautiful Lotus,
Standing on muddy waters,
Untainted - uncluttered -unhampered,
So pure- but arduous to attain!

The exotic flower!
Head poised above the dirty debris,
The anchor- a long green stem,
Strongly and firmly rooted!

A sailing ship that shall never sink,
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Flower 1 - The Beautiful Lotus
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
When i completed my school and was entering college, my father wrote a letter to me. 'i was 16 going on 17'. He wrote: 'Be like a lotus, who though standing in muddy water, yet retains its beauty and purity.' This example of a Lotus had a great impact on my mind.

Years later, i wrote this poem. i truly consider Lotus to be a complete and wholesome flower.
M Asim Nehal 03 November 2018

Lotus inspires me as well. I compare it to the oasis in the desert, Silver lining of clouds, a victory in defeat and to so many things...... I don't know whether you tasted the gravy of its stems if not I recommend you to have it once, it is not easy to cut the stems due to the sticky substance it has but the taste is ultimate.....A thought provoking poem..10

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A beautiful review Asim Nehal ji, as pretty and pure like a lotus. Thanks a lot for a beautiful morning as well, dear poet.

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Dr Antony Theodore 29 April 2017

imagery and rhythm. lotus a flower that leads us to meditation. purity while staying in mud. wonderful dear poetess Gita.. God bless u always. tony

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Hi Tony, With your purity and touch of the lotus, truly, it will bloom into a wonderful spiritual symbol of meditation. Thank you for your very sweet comment. I value it with gratitude, dear Tony.

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Tony, thanks a million for visiting my page, once again. With your classic touch, the lotus should bloom into a wonderful flower of spiritual symbol. Nothing like meditating on a lotus. With deep gratitude.

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Suresh Kumar EK 06 January 2021

And you proved to be a lotus, Geetha

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Luo Zhihai 20 December 2020

The beautiful Lotus, In China, we praise them!

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Indulekha Menon 27 November 2020

The beautiful lotus. This poem is about the lotus which is our national flower and a complete flower according to the poet. Very true. The lotus though submerged firmly in the muddy pond remains unpolluted everglowing.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 14 November 2020

Such a magnificent poem! Elegantly crafted. Your keen observation on minute object of nature is quite commendable. You are a wonderful nature poet. Thanks for sharing this with us...5 stars.

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Prem Nizar Hameed 10 October 2020

Beautifully penned the various aspects of the flower Lotus. Enjoyed the read.

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