Mother Nature's Healing. Poem by Mizzy ........

Mother Nature's Healing.

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Alone with my Lymphoma my senses have grown,
A complete change of focus, some new seeds sown,
Mother Nature called out with magnetic support,
"Take note of my beauty and your ills I will sort",
On a woodland walk in the country I went,
Saw a fox disappear as he picked up my scent,
Had it not been for that I may never have seen,
That beautiful rainbow through boughs so green.
I even enjoyed the mist on my face,
It put a shine on the foliage to enhance the place,
I can't recall admiring scattered puddles before,
But these were shiny mirrors on the forest floor,
When I gaped inside to study the view,
I realised my life was turned upside down too,
Nature was helping much more than I thought,
Because of the awareness to my senses it brought,
Suddenly! the noise of a hawk in the air,
It swirled and swooped as I stood and stared,
I could only admire how he patrolled the skies,
While ultimately plotting some rodents demise,
From these simple studies I absorbed much relief,
Sights, scents, and sounds surpassing belief,
They kept me from pondering on things like my death,
When my thoughts should only have been my next breath,
Later the moon rose behind a thorny hedge,
As a trout in the river engulfed it's final sedge,
Time to wander home now from this place that I yearn,
Tomorrow back to Nature and more lessons to learn.

Mother Nature's Healing.
Sunday, October 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: healing
Kumarmani Mahakul 23 July 2017

Stunnig write. Marvelous poem on nature. I appreciate it. Thanks for sharing.

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Mihaela Pirjol 16 October 2016

A highly creative writing: all at once, the five senses being involved in the vivid description of your words, engaging the reader into the speaker's journey through Nature, and its capacity to harmonise the interior life of a human being connecting to its Source. Lovely rhythm and rhyme.

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Hazel Durham 16 October 2016

Inspirational and stunning write, as you walk through the enchanting woodland, nature is magnified to it's glorious beauty and wonderment as puddles become mirrors reflecting the strength and durability of nature. As you think of the disease that you are enduring, you see beyond the disease to the beauty of nature knocking on your door. As you welcome all the animals in to your world, the sky is your roof to see the stars shining brightly for you and the moon's glow of comfort and reassurance as you realise life is all about learning and nature is your friend and a genius!

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