Mother Nature's Lesson Poem by Bharati Nayak

Mother Nature's Lesson

Rating: 5.0

Mother Earth!
Now you look your best
Purified from squalor and dirt
Your azure blue sky looks brighter
More sweetly, now gurgle your rivers
The exiled cuckoos have
Come back to the mango orchards.

No blowing of horns from vehicles
No more crushing of frogs
Under the speeding wheels
The wild animals
Roam freely
Without fear.

Do you smile secretly
When men go behind the mask
Their ego deflated
By the invisible
Weapon you unleashed
To teach them a lesson
That this earth does not
Belong to man alone
But belongs equally
To all the creatures
Of Mother Nature!


A wamr repurcussions against the misuse of nature and enviornment that has been saved accidently by God unleashing the pandemic

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What a beautiful poem, dear Bharati. My heart sings the same song exactly with the same words of your poem.

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Rebecca Navarre 21 August 2022

Oh, So beautiful! .. Definite 5 Stars! ..+++++++++++++++++++++

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Rebecca Navarre 21 August 2022

Oh, So true in heart! .. We are to deeply care about our earth and the critters we share it with! ..

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Always top stars for your meaningful poems, dear Bharati...... : )

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Hope the humans have learnt a lesson from the pandemic - to throw away their inflated ego.

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The Mother earth looks clean and bright now without the unnecessary interference from the human beings.

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