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Mourning The Death Of Innocent Flowers - Poem by Bharati Nayak

Take not the name of any religion
As God would never pardon
Spilling of innocent blood
You are game to treacherous designs of wicked minds
Who are bent upon destroying human kind
They have their own selfish end
And use you as puppets
When you should have played with ball
They put bombs in your hands
When you should have played violin
They gave the gun to fire.

See how flowers have died
In your heart and in your garden
The demon darkens
The sky choking light to death
Music falls silent
Every rhythm joyful dies
Devil dances in the heart of those
Who chose
Hell over heaven
I pray for the innocent flowers
That have died in you and in the garden

Topic(s) of this poem: humanity, terrorism

Comments about Mourning The Death Of Innocent Flowers by Bharati Nayak

  • Glen Kappy (9/20/2017 8:02:00 AM)


    reading this i'm reminded of a saying i came across years ago, something like, a heart is tender, handle with prayer.

    and i think how in my culture toughness in men is thought to be a good thing. and i've come to think it is, if by toughness one means the perseverance to go on when one faces difficulties, as in another saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    and there is a song, perhaps you know it, where have all the flowers gone? below is a link to it sung by the man who wrote it, pete seeger, who was a good soul.

    love continue to be your guide.


    https: // v=T1tqtvxG8O4
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    Bharati Nayak (9/23/2017 9:57:00 AM)

    Thank you for your kind comment.This poem is part of an e-book - -POETRY AGAINST TERROR edited by Fabrizio Frosini..My knowledge on western music is very poor.After reading your comment I searched Pete Seger and listened to his lovely music on youtube. I had heard -the Hindi version of his song - We shall overcome, but did not know its origin.Thanks for introducing me to Pete Seger's music.

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  • (6/2/2017 10:22:00 AM)

    Your exasperation with the madness going on in the world is beautifully written in this painful poem. Left me spiritually drained for awhile. Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

  • Dr.tony Brahmin (3/11/2017 9:50:00 AM)

    The demon darkness, . terrible, horrible situation of the world. meaningless killings and u compare everything with the death of the flowers in your garden. excellent since the flowers are innocent............thank you dear poetess Bharati for this poem full of insights. tony (Report) Reply

  • Sriranji Aratisankar (7/25/2016 6:07:00 AM)

    See how flowers have died
    In your heart and in your garden
    The demon darkens
    The sky choking light to death

    Only a good poet can think such.. really a god piece of work.10 for you.
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  • Edward Kofi Louis (5/2/2016 8:55:00 AM)

    They put bombs in their hands! ! ! Instead of helping the earth with love. Nice piece of work. (Report) Reply

  • Mohammed Asim Nehal (1/30/2016 8:21:00 AM)

    Outstanding, they are timid who behind the region, religion and race kill innocent just to prove their point....Thought provoking poem, Madam....Loved it. (Report) Reply

  • Valsa George (1/22/2016 11:32:00 PM)

    Deep feelings of resentment, you have beautifully expressed in this poem! We all feel the same sense of indignation over youngsters and boys being brainwashed to carry lethal weapons in their hands. How sad that they are made to do a heinous act before reaching the maturity to know what disastrous result their actions would produce! How many innocent children in schools and universities become victims of terrorist attacks! Here we see the wicked dance of devils! A 10 (Report) Reply

    Bharati Nayak (1/23/2016 10:34:00 AM)

    Than you Dear Valsa for your comments.It is really very sad to see young children being misled into such heinous acts.Parents, teachers.guardians and authorities should be vigilant and work together to stop it

  • Anil Kumar Panda (1/20/2016 8:18:00 AM)

    Reading again.Beautiful poetry. (Report) Reply

  • Rajnish Manga (1/16/2016 8:48:00 PM)

    We all share your sentiments about the outrageous act of terrorist outfits' to bring in their fold young children of 10 to 15 years of age thud depriving them of their innocence and freedom:
    Spilling of innocent blood / You are game to treacherous designs of wicked minds / Who are bent upon destroying human kind
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    Bharati Nayak (1/16/2016 9:39:00 PM)

    I appreciate your valuable comments on my poems.
    The child's mind is most impressionable.The young children are misled into terrorist activities.They lose their childhood and waste their life in destructive activities that go against humanity.

  • Sekharan Pookkat (1/16/2016 8:23:00 AM)

    devils dances in darkness
    and evacuate the rhythm
    of joy and happiness
    from the minds of morning flowers
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    Bharati Nayak (1/16/2016 9:45:00 PM)

    Thank you so much for this valuable comment.I particularly like the words- -Morning flowers- -The morning flowers, so fresh, so pure, , so innocent and so beautiful.The children are like morning flowers, but led into terrorist activities by evil designs of wicked minds.

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