A Day For Myself Poem by Bharati Nayak

A Day For Myself

Rating: 5.0

My life sails
Pass by, the days, months and years
Who keeps their records?

These are my treasure
I give them away with no bounds
Take it
As much as you wish
But leave
Only a day for me.

This day
I shall leave aside
All fears and doubts
And devote it only to myself.

This day
I will give to myself
the sweetness of love
tenderness of affection
And I will open before myself
All wordsspelt-unspelt.

This day
I will collect
the pollen from flowers
colors from butterfly wings
to adorn my face
and beautify my being.

This day
I will decorate myslf
With my songs and poems
And from the cuckoo
I will learn my language.

I will ask the clouds
To lend its black
For my eyes' decor
I will ask the rain
to wash me pure.

I will ask the sky
to lend its vastness
and ask the ocean
to give its depth
for my poems.

This day
I will be only me
With not an iota of
apprehension or pretension
and my heart be blessed with
heavenly illumination

This day will be my day
May it be my last night
or the last day.

A Day For Myself
Saturday, February 11, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,life,writing
This poem is the English translation of my Odia poem'Nija Paain Dinatie' posted on this Site.
Rajnish Manga 26 January 2020

Lest I forget, I would like to add it to 'MyPoemList. Excellent use of metaphor lends a traditional touch to this phenomenal poetic feat. It has been a pleasure to read and relish this aesthetic exercise towards perfection. Thanks, Bharathi ji.

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Bharati Nayak 27 January 2020

My humble thanks Rajnis Manga ji for your wonderful words of appreciation.

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Daniel Brick 11 February 2017

I'm glad you translated this so we can enjoy it and learn from it. Yes, learn from it. This is a mature poem: you might have the idea it expresses much earlier in your life but not yet the poetic craft to make it a poem. You found eight situations (I counted them!) which illustrate how you will use this day set aside for your needs and desires. They are all personal but I don't see anything selfish in this. You are caring for your personal self, enriching your own personality by pursuing these eight activities, ultimately they will make you a better person for family and friends. You don't say this directly; I drew that conclusion based on your poem's confidence and reasonable tone. I like that tone: it is never shrill or insistent, it is persuasive, quietly building a convincing argument for A DAY FOR MYSELF. (I'm already planning such a day for myself!)

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I came for re-re today. After reading this evaluation of Late Daniel Brick, I feel so sad that he is no more with us to enrich our site.

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Bharati Nayak 13 February 2017

Thank you Sir for your kind words.I like it when you say that this poem is a mature poem and its tone is persuasive quietly building a convincing argument for A DAY FOR MYSELF.

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Kim Barney 07 November 2023

A wonderful poem. I have given it 5 stars already and will add it to my favorite poem list. Well done!

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Bri Edwards 07 November 2023

Until 'next time'...... bri : ) And I read this is an English translation of one of your Odia poems, right? ;)

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Bri Edwards 07 November 2023

(cont.) This truly is a gem (a rare, precious one) of a poem. I voted before (PH tells me) and it MUST have been *****. To my favorites today.

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Bri Edwards 07 November 2023

Bharari, I'm glad I found this poem again this month (I was here in May also, though I don't recall the poem well at all) . (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 07 November 2023

I've left comments before today, including the year this was submitted. Here: 'I will ask the clouds To lend its black' I'd use 'clouds..their' or 'cloud...its', not 'clouds..its'. : )

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