Mother's Day Poem by D.N. Rebb

Mother's Day

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This second Sunday in May.
She dries your sad idle tears,
Raised you during all those years.
Surrounded by true maternal love,
Being one priority above.
Today is Mother's Day.

It's sunny on this morn'.
Don't wallow in the spotlight,
Choose gently on what to write.
Thanks to Howe's grand crusade,
From toll the war had made.
It's Mother's Day today.

A celebration of peace.
Jarvis of West Virginia,
Letters of humble opinion.
Wilson signed a proclamation,
Every dear mom's dedication.
It's Mothering Sunday.

Pick some flowers from the garden.
Pick up the phone and give her a call,
Pick a train ticket to Montreal.
Pick a white carnation to wear,
Pick tonight's main meal to prepare.
As today is Mother's Day.

Confectioners and florists adore this day.
Don't forget your other proud moms too,
The handful urging a gallant crew.
Prepare a tender card for them,
It's time for such an overwhelm.
Today is Mother's Day.

She should live in Eldorado.
Without sincere wishes for herself,
Is happy with things straight off the shelf.
Smiles more than has needs,
Welcome hugs that exceed.
It's Mother's Day.

Richard Wlodarski 12 May 2024

An unique perspective on Mother's Day...with some very helpful suggestions for gifts. Enjoyed this one, D.N.!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 12 May 2024

Beautful DN Thanks for sharing this bravo-worthy poem

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