Mum Poem by Paul Warren


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I remember my first cuddle from her
As she held me in her arms as I stirred
And how she was always there
My Mum whom I know did care

She was the first with a kiss to make it better with glee
When I fell over skinning my elbow or knee
And when it was time for starting school
She dropped me off when her tears were the rule

And at each important time in my life I've had
She stood proud as punch with a smile and tear so glad
When I married she was so proud of the groom
Even though she thought that I was leaving home so soon

As a grand mother she stood out
With great knowledge of what being a parent was about
And when my father the love of her life passed on
She bore her loneliness longing for him for us being strong

And when the time to say goodbye was clear
I spoke lovingly and couldn't hold back a tear
For she will always have a place in my heart
My Mum my first love from the start.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Varsha M 01 March 2021

A lovely ode yo mom. They are magical fsiry incomparable, unmatchable and beautiful. No words csn make her complete but she herself. Profound poetry.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 01 March 2021

This poem reminds me of my Dad. I had to shed a tear at the end Bravo!

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David Wood 01 March 2021

A beautiful tribute to mothers everywhere.5*++

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Deluke Muwanigwa 01 March 2021

Mums are special. My Mum my first love RIGHT from the start.

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Paul Warren

Paul Warren

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