Murder Files Series: Buried Poem by G J Salgado

Murder Files Series: Buried

There I was staring at my body on the cold bitter winter ground. The frost was glistening on my skin barely seen through debris and trash that covered my freezing lifeless body. There I was discarded on the side of a dirt road like garbage. I reached down to clear random things that people threw and dumped on top of me as they drove by not knowing I was underneath. I tried to remove the empty pop cans, plastic bags, half eaten food and beer bottles from my face and body; but I couldn't. I couldn't physically touch anything anymore. I couldn't give myself the breath of life again. I couldn't move or do anything anymore. It was too late for me. My body hidden and decaying before my eyes and there wasn't anything I could do. I tried to scream thinking that someone would hear me. I screamed the loudest I could hoping to wake from this nightmare of a dream, but I didn't. I cried for myself and wondered how long I've been there. I tried to remember how I got there. As I watched the snow flurries fall; I had a memory of when I was a little girl. I was laying in the snow positioned much like I am now, except I was laughing and making snow angels with my mom. I remember her face and that memory. I thought hard deep into my most inner thoughts of how this could've happened to me.I thought about what kind of human being could have done this to me and why. My life was taken short and I'm coming to find you no matter how long it takes because thanks to my murderer; I have all the time in the world and I won't stop until I've found you!

Murder Files Series
-Buried (Story #1)
Today was just an ordinary day. I woke up thinking about my test that I studied for the night before. I was a good student and a decent person I guess. I've never been in trouble in my life. I came from a good home and family. My parents were easy going.I'm an only child and I am approaching the end of my senior year of high school. I guess you could say I'm ready to start my own life; take over the family business and stay close to home. I left for school that morning not knowing that was the last time I would ever see my parents. I drove on to school, went to my classes; took my tests and talked to my friends in between classes and at lunch. Nothing was particularly out of the ordinary until after school. Me and my friends would usually hang out in the parking lot after school. It was Friday so I was allowed to visit with friends around town before going to help out at our bakery shop. That's where most of the kids in our small town would end up at anyway. It was one of the favorite hang outs in town. I noticed whenever we left the school there was a car that seemed to be following us around. I didn't pay any attention at first but then it was driving close and kept taking the same turns. I wished I would've known how crucial this information was due to the events that were going to occur later that evening. I was distracted by my friends but now looking back; it could've saved my life.

Murder Files Series
-Buried (Story#2)
I didn't know at the time that my life would soon come to an end. I never really thought of death much. What happy, healthy, semi normal teenager does who has everything going for her? Little did I know that my death was waiting for me just outside in the parking lot outside my parent's bakery. Little did I know that my murderer would come in, be waited on by me, and would sat there creepily watching all night that night; the same as he did many nights before that. Little did I know that for hours, days, weeks, and months; would I stare my killer in the eye shift after shift yet I didn't even know...until it was too late. He was clever, handsome, well known in the community; but most of all, he was just a genuinely normal every day guy. If you would've told me that this man would some day blungetly, violently abuse and murder me to death I would've laughed in your face. I knew that he flirted me and he often did capture my attention. I never would have thought that he meant any evil intentions or harm to me at all; or towards anyone for that matter. He was proper and he was kind. Some considered him a local hero in our town. We as a community respected him. The young girls, women, and mothers adored and trusted him. Men and fathers were buddies with him while young boys looked up to him as a positive influence. Are you still wondering why I'm painting such an amazingly beautiful portrait of this evil monster? The reason why is I want everyone to know that monsters, murderers, stone cold killers can be the most ordinary, charming, intelligent; yet the most dangerous, vile, and torturous people there are in the world. I died a horrible death that I couldn't even have imagined in my most inner wildest nightmares. I thought back to that day over and over in my head trying to figure out what I could've done differently. Not just that day, but all the months and years that led up to my final days on this earth. No one could've seen this coming; this brutal murder, no one could've predicted it or stopped it. It was something that manifested in his hidden mentally ill mind. He longed for the taste of my flesh on his tongue. He tasted my blood in his mouth because he thirsted for it; for years. He hunted me like the animal and next victim that I was in his eyes; like many that were before me, but now; this time I will make sure that no one falls victim to him after me. I stood in spirit watching, looking back in time during that night. I listened to the sounds and smells of everything that happened. I could see him there laughing and joking with other customers while the scent of fresh lemon meringue pie, chocolate chip cookies, and mocha frappe filled the air. I was baking sour dough bread and fresh strawberry cupcakes for my last order of the night. I looked over my shoulder as I felt someone watching me. There he was smiling and innocently winking at me while I pulled the last batch out of the oven. I remember him distracting me a few seconds, that's how I burned myself on the wrist. He giggled and motioned if I was okay. I nodded and smiled back. I noticed he licked his lips as he looked at the freshly baked burn. I thought nothing of it at the time. For some reason it didn't seem odd or disturbing to me; only cute and somewhat sexy. I turned away from the scene in my memories and went back to where he dumped my body. The sky was getting dark once again where I lay. I watched the sunset and witnessed the wind blow over my slowly decaying flesh. A storm was moving in, just like that night.As I walked away from my body; the wind had blown a flyer right on top of my body. Though the wind blew fiercely the wrinkled up paper seemed to linger there. I discovered that it was a missing person flyer of myself.

Murder Files Series: Buried
From Murder Files Series -Buried by Gianna Jett (Jennie Sparrow)
Kim Barney 21 February 2018

Fascinating story, Jennie. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

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