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My Best Friend- The Lord Almighty.

My mother could never ever become my friend; too busy in her household chores and pursuing the passions of her life; always looking upon me as her newborn child; even though I catapulted to the greatest of heights,

My father could never ever become my friend; able to view nothing else but the colossal edifices of the robotic corporate empire before his eyes all night and day; with an occasional pat here and there on my head; too busy earning for the inevitable needs of the gargantuan family,

My sister could never ever become my friend; profoundly engaged in her own family and the crankiness of impetuous youth; with most of our conversations eventually resulting into the most thunderously demented of squabbles,

My grandfather could never ever become my friend; staunchly following his age old rigidly tyrannical ideologies; which I thoroughly detested and severely shirked to follow,

My grandmother could never ever become my friend; being the ultimate apostle
of orthodoxy and implementing only what the scriptures said; whilst I was one who solely listened to my passionate heart's commands,

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Saturday, February 27, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: friend,god