My Chemical Romance Poem by Lee Degnan

My Chemical Romance

Rating: 5.0

I wanted to tell you
how it is that I love you
it used to be so easy
I'd pick up a pen
and let the words flow in
choosing the right ones so freely

But then I'd let someone
talk me into destruction
of all thinking and feeling
Just once a day this pill
which, at times, makes me ill
supresses... well, pretty much anything

Now it seems like every day
feels strangely the same in every way
like lifeless circles of day and night
They treat me for depression
by drugging my brain into submission
yet somehow, I'm not a zombie... right?

Forgive me for my senseless rambling
trying to keep my brain from scrambling
A battle I very much seem to be losing
There was something I had to tell you
but what that was, I have no clue...
Hmmm... I think I need a nap.

Patrick Ladbrooke 23 October 2006

A harrowing tale well told. Brims with frustration. Patrick

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Chuck Audette 06 November 2006

Strikes a chord with many of us, I'm sure. And we can't be sure what the cure is or even what the cause of the problem is, as our world just gets more and more toxic...-chuck

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Anna Russell 16 November 2006

Like Chuck says, it strikes a chord (and seems to be even more prevalent amongst poets!) . I can relate to this Lee, great write. Hugs Anna xxx

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Roger Bowman 07 December 2006

Lee I know how it feels, sad situations&alienation are the plagues of our century. Great poemo depicting the situation... All the best Roger

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jack russell 10 December 2006

I hope that this is just your muse speaking, Lee? Frustrations and thwarted dreams lead many to despair, but a chemical romance...nah! I find that the tried and tested method of standing on top of a hill and shouting (or screaming would be more fitting for the fairer sex) helps a lot...but then I lost my voice once, and needed medication :) Great expression of a modern malady. Keep have friends! jack :)

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Alison Cassidy 23 February 2008

This is excellent lee. You've really captured the 'not quite with it' quality that these so called 'legitimate' drugs induce. (And it's amazing how many are prescribed each year too) . I gather you've stopped taking them - otherwise you couldn't have written this. 'Lifeless circles of day and night' is great, as is your conclusion. Good strong penning. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Jorydan Gap 09 January 2008

its one phenomenal poem and its a rock band name of corse

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Just A Test In This Mess 14 December 2007

really good poem. i really like it.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 12 August 2007

it is case of addiction inteperate needs complete care and attetion to the reek of time depressioon........beautifully depicted, i enjoy, well penned, thanks LEE

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... Lynch 06 August 2007

Great poem. I like this one lots, can relate well. -Kylie M. Lynch

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