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When Turkey Day Becomes Turkey Week!

Rating: 4.9

Every year it's the same old story
Turn away if it gets too gory
Certainly not a tale for the frail and meek...
This is a tale of how Turkey Day becomes Turkey Week!

Now I'm sure that my family can back this up
My turkey dinner is like Emeril's, only a step up
Stuffing's divine, gravy more delicious than wine
Even Martha Stewart, for a taste, would stand in line!

And then there's the turkey, beautiful golden brown
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Untitiled and unnamed 26 November 2006

LOL I so enjoyed this, you captured the worlds thinking on turkey i think to the detail, We all crave it, but then get so sick of it... A fun write, Well done.. Cant wait for turkey sandwiches...lol lee..

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Kristin Davis 25 November 2006

Truely adorable read! Lee, you managed to make this girl smile! Thank you! ~HUGS~ Love~N~Honor, Kristin

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Chuck Audette 25 November 2006

yummy turkey leftovers galore how I do wish I had some more. We finished all the leftovers on our day 3 dinner. I'll send you my address, Lee, and you can feel free to send me some of your unwanted leftovers? mmmm... Fun write! -chuck

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Patricia Gale 25 November 2006

Delightful read, and oh so true!

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Alison Cassidy 06 September 2008

This is delightful Lee and a nostalgic reminder of childhood and Christmas fare. You're absolutely right - turkey is exceptional as a one a year treat, but palls after it is dished up in disguise day after December day. A clever idea, wittily constructed. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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James B. Earley 21 April 2008

Why do this to ourselves year after year? Thanks for sharing!

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fanniesson - 17 December 2006

funny, right on the head you beat me to the punch, as far as getting it down in words great job

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Diane Violet 04 December 2006

Very fun read Lee, I look forward to the turkey sandwiches and my recipe for Turkey a la King but each year I try to remember to buy a smaller turkey as I have to remember it's not my mothers house and I'm not cooking for eighteen. All the best, Diane

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Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

From the title I thought it will be a poemo about Turkey and Turkish, silly me. Anyway. I really like gravy...and a fun write indeed All the best Roger

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