When Turkey Day Becomes Turkey Week! Poem by Lee Degnan

When Turkey Day Becomes Turkey Week!

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Every year it's the same old story
Turn away if it gets too gory
Certainly not a tale for the frail and meek...
This is a tale of how Turkey Day becomes Turkey Week!

Now I'm sure that my family can back this up
My turkey dinner is like Emeril's, only a step up
Stuffing's divine, gravy more delicious than wine
Even Martha Stewart, for a taste, would stand in line!

And then there's the turkey, beautiful golden brown
Just the smell of it brings everyone around
White meat so tender, dark meat with amazing flavor
This turkey dinner should be for anyone to savor!

But even with this self-proclaimed acclamation
can't escape the same ending; in summation...
My turkey, as it is yours, will overstay his welcome
It is Turkey Day to Turkey Week we all will succumb

Things are still happy from Day One to Day Two
Black Friday, Yippee! ! I've no cooking to do!
After all that damn shopping, I'm glad to have it
A quick flash in the microwave and we can all sit!

But then, alas, and on cue, comes Day Three
when turkey just doesn't sound as appealing to you or me
And already that damn Turkey has had its way...
You've now had half a week of Turkey Day!

Days Four, Five and Six go by in just a blur
as everyone in America will absolutely concur
that their Turkey, in secret, must've flown their coop
... until every Momma whips out their Turkey Soup! !

I kinda feel sorry for the Turkey's annual situation
Every one of us thought, 'What if I made instead...' in assumption
that there's a cure for this epidemic... but the outlook is dismal
The endings the same, you're just changing the animal!

Patricia Gale 25 November 2006

Delightful read, and oh so true!

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Chuck Audette 25 November 2006

yummy turkey leftovers galore how I do wish I had some more. We finished all the leftovers on our day 3 dinner. I'll send you my address, Lee, and you can feel free to send me some of your unwanted leftovers? mmmm... Fun write! -chuck

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Kristin Davis 25 November 2006

Truely adorable read! Lee, you managed to make this girl smile! Thank you! ~HUGS~ Love~N~Honor, Kristin

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Untitiled and unnamed 26 November 2006

LOL I so enjoyed this, you captured the worlds thinking on turkey i think to the detail, We all crave it, but then get so sick of it... A fun write, Well done.. Cant wait for turkey sandwiches...lol lee..

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Alison Cassidy 06 September 2008

This is delightful Lee and a nostalgic reminder of childhood and Christmas fare. You're absolutely right - turkey is exceptional as a one a year treat, but palls after it is dished up in disguise day after December day. A clever idea, wittily constructed. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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James B. Earley 21 April 2008

Why do this to ourselves year after year? Thanks for sharing!

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fanniesson - 17 December 2006

funny, right on the head you beat me to the punch, as far as getting it down in words great job

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Diane Violet 04 December 2006

Very fun read Lee, I look forward to the turkey sandwiches and my recipe for Turkey a la King but each year I try to remember to buy a smaller turkey as I have to remember it's not my mothers house and I'm not cooking for eighteen. All the best, Diane

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Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

From the title I thought it will be a poemo about Turkey and Turkish, silly me. Anyway. I really like gravy...and a fun write indeed All the best Roger

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