My Soul Sacrifice (For A Child) ***warning: Harsh Content*** Poem by Lee Degnan

My Soul Sacrifice (For A Child) ***warning: Harsh Content***

Rating: 4.9

it was in those beautiful
cool eyes
the birth of my madness
and an innocence demise
you had no right to bring me
into your cruel little world
i was just a little girl
i was just a little girl

didn't anyone hear me f*cking
at night, shattering their selfish
pleasant dreams?
no use was it crying for my mommy
i don't want to hear you're sorry
i don't want to hear you're sorry

bared naked was my
little soul
you took whatever good in me
and raped it whole
no longer a person but this shell
who'd love to watch you burn in hell
love to watch you burn in hell

nothing to stop you from
what you did to me
seething hate for you
from which I'll never be free
I'll never grow up to be someone's blushing bride
no one would've cared if i died
no one would've cared if i died

nowadays still in dreams
you will creep
louder I heard your laughter
when you made me weep
inside i'm still that little girl
trapped in your f*cked up world
trapped in your f*cked up world

I know what I wrote here
isn't the most pleasant of themes
but this is what haunts me
whenever I hear a child scream....
or when I walk by the TV
when the news is on,
it might be a breaking story, but
believe me I know what's going on
Child abuse, in any form, runs
rampant in every country
yet efforts to avoid this horror, in my
opinion, seems rather paltry
God forbid if such a predator,
no matter what you do,
were to target any one of your kids
or anyone else close to you.
I wish I didn't know this
or even that I ever care
I guess it doesn't matter as much
if you can't say you've ever been there
Not here to win any
popularity contests,
or to win the Nobel Prize,
I only wish you to remember this
when you look into a child's eyes
Because if you forsake a child
by ignoring what you hear
it will be the end of human decency
within that child's tears
I'm bearing my soul, naked,
for all the world to see,
if for even only one child from
this fate, would ever be free.

Anna Russell 25 November 2006

God this is strong stuff Lee. I applaud your bravery. Hugs Anna xxx

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Patricia Gale 25 November 2006

And her plea for the young shall be heard far and wide, as she stands humbled ready to bear her soul and fight the fight for young hearts round the world.. Deeply touching Lee I applaud your stand with great admiration!

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Untitiled and unnamed 26 November 2006

Sad beyond belief, Makes me so angry knowing that this does go on, What is wrong with these people.... God bless you, who can stand tall, and write about it.... I admire you for that... My best as always, lee...x

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Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

Another real sad story of life...I agree with Lee and Doc's comments. Take care Roger

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Duncan Wyllie 02 December 2006

Dear LEE To say that this was touching would not give it credit enough, you have been so open and so honest, crossing boundaries, reaching the many, I hope that someone reads this and shows some compassion, and maybe it could also stop someone from acting in this selfish and hidious way Love duncan X

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Broken Peaces 03 February 2008

A truely brave write from a truely brave heart, you have won my friend and blossomed to be the Rose in the cabbage patch of life Chris 10

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Chris Mendros 05 September 2007

dittoes to what faniesson said. Difficult subject, dealt with harshly and honestly, not just exploited for personal gain. Smoldering with the honesty of a soul betrayed.

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Jerry Hughes 25 May 2007

Lee, a too often told story, sorry you went through this humiliation at such an early age but you risen above it splendidly...

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fanniesson - 17 December 2006

Nice piece kept me glued to it, most times I can’t make it through subjects I would’ve even write about. Really nice work

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Keith Wells 07 December 2006

One thing I love about reading your poems Lee is that you write from the heart, a true talent that most people wish they could do. Some poeple can only amagine the horror of this world not many have the bravery to write about it. To many people think they know how people feel that have gone through issues of this sort, I don't pretend to but I have gone through issue such as this with a few very special people in my Life. God bless yo Lee and keep writing - your an amazing writer. Love - Keith

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