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***hey! ! ! ***

Rating: 3.2

do you remember
the times profound
our hearts alive
knew no bounds
our minds fresh
were allowed free

we were just
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Chris Mendros 10 December 2007

nice the way the enjambment suggests the fast and fleeting nature of life, passing by before you know it, yet saying so much along the way. In the end, all i can comment is: A-men, Lee.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 09 December 2007

dear lee, you have a very clear mind. i love this poem especially that life itself has to be lived with a passion... that means, taking its pains, pleasure and what else in our strides. love, john

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Untitiled and unnamed 04 December 2007

But the older you get time goes a little bit faster Just to make sure you know just who really is your master... Wow, excellent writing above! ! A master peice! ! Awsome writing 'As per normal' lee...xx

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Diane Violet 02 December 2007

Hi Lee, I love your poem and the truth in it! All the best to you and yours. Hugs, Diane

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Thad Wilk 30 November 2007

*** HEY! ! ! *** Lee, Excellent write, i have to vote a *10* on this, a comments not enough!

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Jazib Kamalvi 02 February 2018

A refined poetic imagination, Lee D. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 18 February 2008

Brilliant Work, young lady! So many wise, & strongly conveyed philosophies & mantras to heed to & live by, here.Stucturally flawless...You may curtsy, now...as i stand to applaud.Sterling effort! ~ FjcR ~

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Konjit Berhane 10 February 2008

left me Speechless...one of ur great works Lee keep them comin and thanx for sharin koni

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I'm going to take that final stanza around with me today. t x

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Meggie Gultiano 12 December 2007

once again, kapatid, this is beautiful!

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