Men... To My Friends Poem by Lee Degnan

Men... To My Friends

Rating: 5.0

I love my men-friends
This I really have to tell...
I've really have to thank them-
for without them life would be hell!

These men are my balance,
my missing half to my soul,
without their insight in my life....
in my heart would be a hole.

I love it when a man shows
exactly what he's about
I'm not talking about those boorish men,
the ones that scream and shout...

The men I'm talking about
are gentle enough to wipe your tears,
Yet strong enough when you need them
and become wiser throughout the years...

The ones that never intentionally hurt me,
as inevitable as anything ever is!
But this particular set of men realizes his
mistakes and hopes women forgives...

He takes responsibility ever in stride
never shies away from any hard work
Understands and always lends a hand
not ever making you feel like a jerk....

He is calm, cool, and collected;
he's charming, honest and polite;
He can argue anything from any side
but will concede when you are right....

He's certainly taken many punches in life
and still strong enough to stand tall,
You'll hardly ever hear him gripe
yet maybe sometimes this is his downfall...

He's upbeat, compassionate, trustworthy,
and his loyalty for his friends has no end,
I've found some great ones on Poemhunters
and I'm blessed to have them as FRIENDS!

The men I've encounter that
proven to be such men,
and whom I dedicate this poem to:
Doc, Arkay, Lee, Roger, Duncan, Chuck, Nimal,
Uriah, Darrin, FjR Jr, Geoff, David

You guys are truly a rare breed.
I was aware right from the start....
Thank you so much for being you
You've really touched my heart!

Roger Bowman 03 December 2006

Amazing poemo Lee.Love it.I'm lookin at the same values in a woman friend or girlfriend.You r surely one of them.Woman friend I mean.Great write great read GREAT oh ye signora Lee. All the best and more Your friend Roger

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Diane Violet 03 December 2006

Hi Lee, this is a great poem, have to say I don't know all the fellows you've mentioned here but the ones I do know this is so touchingly true. All the best, Diane

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Alison Smith 03 December 2006

Friends come in all colours... dont matter whether their male or female... that feeling that you can lean and they wont go away... Had my trust awoken when a friend dropped all... said 20mins lake.... knew I needed a shoulder to cry on... he is my mate.... not my lover or my bed mate.... just my mate Alison

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Chris Mendros 05 September 2007

some guys really make it look easy. Nice to see some ladies appreciate it.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 22 February 2007

Lee, amazingly the true friends are glorified, definitions of true friends is exactly what u say, and i appreciate all that glitters in friends is true to its term, i do agree, but i donot know ur friends to whom u reffered and who hold the hands of frienship yet ever reveled.

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Keith Wells 07 December 2006

Yet another one of your great poems. Keep up the good work, talk to you soon Keith

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Untitiled and unnamed 04 December 2006

Hey you, A nice write, well done my friend, and I guess you have got me back for a 'Prayer Warriors story' I am honoured to be mentioned in one of your writes, My best to you as always, And much love, The 'other' lee..

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Duncan Wyllie 04 December 2006

I didn't realise that you had done this one, it came as such a surprise, thankyou so much Love duncan X

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