My Childhood Poem-3 Poem by soulful heart

My Childhood Poem-3

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Flowers bloom
Even in the doom;
But differs your mood
So never ever brood.
Be joyful
When your days are cool;
Be the same kitty
When your days are empty.
When your mood is narrow
All seem to be in sorrow.
When you are flying wide
All seem to be by your side.

So everything depends
On how one defends
The sorrows and happiness
Through the life's vastness.

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: childhood
well I am sure everybody wrote poems when they were reading my poems if you remember your own childhood poems and it brings a shy smile on your face then I have achieved my you see smiles straight from heart are rare do I remind you the poem'Once upon a time' of Gabriel okara?
Akhtar Jawad 09 October 2014

The dream girl has now started thinking, that's a good sign, our thinking is the proof of our existence.

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Md Asadullah 28 September 2014

life is spontaneous, it is series of events, good and bad moments are parcels of life, one must take every moment in stride, if their is night then very soon will be day, one must humble himself/herself during good times and during bad times one must not loose the hope, thanks for sharing this meaningful poem :)

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Valsa George 24 September 2014

Yes, everything depends upon our moods.... Beauty and joy are basically a matter of perception! In our journey through life, we can ward off sorrow through right perception and right attitude! Reading your childhood verse, no shy smile comes to light my face, but a sense of wonder sweeps over!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 21 September 2014

Not every body but the gifted one lovely

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Gajanan Mishra 21 September 2014

very beautiful, I like it. thanks.

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