My Childhood Poem16 Poem by soulful heart

My Childhood Poem16

Rating: 4.5

Fear and sorrow
My life-time companions everyday
They exist today an' will tomorrow
Day and night with me they stay.

Happiness like the clouds in sky
One moment shower smiles few
Then away they rush an' fly
Leaving behind tears a dew.

I remember my first fears
Ghosts, devils, rats an' roaches.
A slight noise in dark I hear
Hailed dreadful images to approach.

Then the fears of reality
No fairy tales, no magic wands.
Life's sorrowful history since eternity
Shattered dreams slipping off hands.

Fear of being vulnerable
As daughter, sister, mother, wife
All bleeding souls by man's ego
Each turn a two edged knife.

The first glimpse of sorrow
My own home a chest of pain.
Nowhere happiness to borrow
Ignore or fight, all in vain.

My life's like a museum of fears
And a vast rainbow of sorrow
Every bend a different shade appears
So was yesterday, is today, will be tomorrow.

Still don't know why I keep on my strife
With the eternal companions of my life.

Saturday, November 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: fear
This poem was written by me when one day as teenager I realised that magic wands are not real and my home was not a dreamland....the reality was very painful and I did not know how to cope with it....
Matthias Pantaleon 09 November 2014

Quiet an interesting read. But I was hoping you could re-arrange the lines. Its not properly arrange and could be mistaken for a prose. But like I said, its an interesting piece!

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Valsa George 12 November 2014

A very touching write.... the shock of a teenager as she steps into a world of harsh realities from a world of fairy tales and magic wands! It is felt in every line!

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Heather Wilkins 13 November 2014

soulful heart, your childhood poems are very touching and clever great work

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Lyn Paul 05 January 2015

Admire your strength and how you have pieced these heartfelt words together. Survival is the only way to cope. You have this! Keep up the beautiful writing.

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Akhtar Jawad 06 December 2014

Feelings and fears of a teenager nicely penned...10

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Mohammad Muzzammil 16 November 2014

A series of childhood has an account of each and every moment. Really nice write

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 November 2014

Your all series of childhood poems are really excellent works. Thoughtful and valuable really. Nice job done.

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Amitava Sur 14 November 2014

A thoughtful write by a soulful heart. A lovely confession about the pains experienced in reality. Thanks for sharing. My heart stands by your side, dear.

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