My Darkest Hour Poem by Vanessa Hughes

My Darkest Hour

Rating: 4.6

It's not just the falsely accused
That suffer
It's the children, the parents
The sister, the brother.

It's not just the horror
Of a person's false claim,
It's the band-wagon jumpers
That blacken your name

It's not just suspicion
That causes your hell
It's the following and hounding
That compounds it as well.

It's not just observing
But making it known
To the local community
Accusations were thrown

I hit rock bottom,
A deep, dark despair
I reached out for someone,
But no-one was there.

Somehow, I got through it
Came out the other side
With all the emotions
Of the rockiest ride.

A time to feel anxious,
A time to cry
A time best forgotten,
Moved on from, passed by

Captain Cur 19 May 2012

Not sure if it was written from personal experience, but you accurately relayed the impact, not only on the accused, but also on them closest to them. I have been accused of many crimes, and I only committed half of them. Yeah, pick on the pirate!

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Joseph Anderson 20 November 2010

It is the darkest just before dawn. It seems your dawn has arrived. Good rhyme and meter.Keep writing-A 9+ Joe

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Dave Dafes 18 December 2010

i was wet by the pains dripping from the words, i identify with the subject and was blessed by the poetess... Good work

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Traine Artist 22 February 2011

alll your poems have true meaning behind them. they have really touched me. continue writing wat you feel. i can see you making it big one day

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Wendy Thopliss 02 March 2011

This poem is full of emotion straight from the heart, nice poem well done.

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Dr Antony Theodore 26 September 2015

A time to feel anxious, A time to cry A time best forgotten, Moved on from, passed by - the experience of a dark hour you have potrayed very well. it is a very costly personal experience. well written. tony

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Jason Mcgookin 05 August 2014

people kick you when you are down. no-one wants to stand out of the ground and offer support but instead they themselves cast the stone. this is well expressed thankyou i enjoyed and felt the emmotion.

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Adeline Foster 29 January 2014

This is good work. So descriptive of an experience that befalls everyone at some time. Enjoy your poetry. Adeline

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Lyn Paul 27 October 2012

As dark as this hour may have been it is truly an amazing poem. a special poem this it and deserves to be saved.

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Valerie Dohren 19 May 2012

Can identify with this one - people can be so cruel and thoughtless, often in an attempt to feed their own egos. Very well written.

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