A Life Lesson Poem by Vanessa Hughes

A Life Lesson

Rating: 4.4

A lesson learned
Is a lesson worth
All the gold
Upon this earth

A lesson learned
Without the pleasure
Of maybe what
Would be my treasure

Is a lesson
I've become to rue
Not finding out
If you were true

At worst
I would have known the score
Instead of wondering
For evermore

I accept I'll probably
Never know
With a lesson learned
I gotta let go

Jodie Hardy 27 August 2013

Very well said. Love it xx

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Indira Babbellapati 30 March 2012

we all learn our lessons the hard way only to go through the same again!

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Ramesh Rai 31 March 2012

I learned ur lesson to vote u with top marks. regards.

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Mukta Sawant 25 May 2012

I learned a new lesson from your poem.

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Komolafe Shalomj 05 September 2012

All about the stuff is short but powerful, its a message to all and sundry.greetings.

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Lessons learnt keep us from making the same mistakes again and again. Well said my friend!

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Kelly Kurt 05 April 2015

Lessons learned are often earned hard but morph into wisdom. Thank you for sharing your poem, Vanessa

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Sina Farajzadeh 07 July 2014

Hi. I know it is good to learn but there's a bitter fact. Well, when we were in elementary school, we used to write essays with different topics. One famous topic was Which one's better: Knowledge or Wealth? As students we always praised knowledge and science and gave it the superiority. But now, I see that there are some illiterate factory owners have so many.M.A. engineers, ... who bow down to them to work for them. So wealth is superior to knowledge for those who live in this world. Yet, I am a little bot different from others (Mybe because I'm stupid or something like that) . I think I want to study more and more. I like reading and understanding new things. This is very strange. (Everybody in my age goes and searches for job, ... Yet I want to continue my studies and even study more and more after getting Ph.D after so many years!) Anyway, I read your poem and sorry for a long comment. Thanks for sharing.

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Md Elias Uddin 12 April 2014

A lesson learned Is a lesson worth All the gold Upon this earth True!

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Jon M. Nelson 27 January 2014

We all learn from decisions we do or do not make, we just have to use our best judgements. There are lessons learned everyday. Very nicely done.

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