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My Dear Friend

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Dear friend, stop me, coz i'm in love...
Dear friend, behold me, coz i'm in pain.
My life is on a new turn...
Everything lost and nothing to earn.

Feel the ache i'm going through...
There is no one i trust, except you.
Many criticise, just a few to forgive...
In this flagitious world, how can i live?

Dear friend, encourage me, coz i've lost the will...
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A True friend, with whom we share all our thoughts, pain, joy, sufferings and happiness is hard to find. As mentioned in the poem, in this world of mean people its hard to find a true friend. And sometimes we really desire to have such a friend. So in this poem i express the feelings one have when he feels alone and disregarded. And all he need is a true friend..
Payal Parande 28 November 2012

how true...a true friend is someone who is stranger yet very close to our heart.........the one who make us feel the pain, happiness, the one who make us feel the seen and unseen......you are really delicate poet sir i really love it thank you for sharing love payal

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A passionate poem rich with diction and other poetic attributes.. You may read the poem ON FRIENDSHIP by great poet Kahlil Gibran to relate the thought discussed. Keep writing

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 27 November 2012

I can see u hav a lot of friends here. So despite being pensive it is an excellent fine poem so cheer up younger poet bro. And do coment on mine too.

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Asif Andalib 27 November 2012

Friendship is like wine when it becomes old it becomes better. So be patient you will find your true friends. Anyway I liked your poem

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Yash Shinde 27 November 2012

great thought...............I wish you'll find your friend very soon :)

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Heather Wilkins 14 December 2013

a dear friend is the one you can trust. and lucky to have one a good write

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Tristan Love-day 20 October 2013

: ') amazing...u hve a talent, there might be more but writting is one of them, keep it up :)

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Shivani Misra 03 January 2013

I agree.. The world is too selfish and mean.. And all that we need is a true friend on whom we can trust and have faith.. The poem was lovely, keep writing and Sharing.. And sorry for late response :)

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Indranil Bhaduri 03 December 2012

An outcry for getting a real dear friend. Great work. Keep it up.

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Amanda Laurent 28 November 2012

Full of passion and wanting. The last few lines really say it all and make you realize that when you find such a friend, you are truly blessed and should hold onto them tightly!

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