My Driving (Me Crazy)guardian Angel: My Wife....[ Driving; Safety; Wife; Me; True? ] Poem by Bri Edwards

My Driving (Me Crazy)guardian Angel: My Wife....[ Driving; Safety; Wife; Me; True? ]

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It's TRUE I've had lots of vehicle accidents in my life.It is True!
But I never should had told my wife of them, ....not even of a few.
I think it's one thing I've told her which she actually DOES remember.
So, now that I am often our driver, I hear from January to December.....

....about how SHE has NEVER had a vehicle accident.Can we believe IT?
I'd better not accuse her of lying, or she may start calling me a S h i t.

OK!It's true, so true, about my accidents, but I've had none for years.
I've not had one since I met my mate, so she's never seen me with tears....
like so often happened back in New York State, before I sold my last car.
I didn't need a car anymore, 'cause after retiring I almost never went far....

....from home, and if I did I could take a bus, or even rent a car for sure.
But it's true that now, as I've done before, as I drive, my mind's at times a blur.
OR my mind's on other [more important] things, though often 'on our way',
like "What's that bird? " or "My, that girl's pretty! "What the Hell can I say? !

I AM a good driver, no matter what 'she' says, but, yes, I could be (much)better.
But should it really be necessary to stop for a traffic light as it gets REDDER?
And do I always have to take the correct exit, or drive at the posted speed?
Ok!I admit that maybe, for safety's sake, a Guardian Angel-passenger I do need.

Thank You, dear Wife! ! !

( July...6th...2019)

Saturday, July 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: driving,marriage,safety
read the i right? ? ?



aka brian edward whitaker (in the 'real world')
Valsa George 23 July 2019

This is the dramatization of an everyday squabble while we are on the wheels. If the husband or wife is on the driving seat, it is natural for the other to become over cautious! When we are eager of our own safety, it is natural for the wife or husband to alert the one driving! Perhaps a timely warning is needed for every one! A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. No wonder Bri gets chastised by his guardian angel whenever his eyes stray on pretty ladies, while driving! A typical Bri poem!

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Laurie Van Der Hart 14 July 2019

Hello Bri! It’s been a while (sorry) . Enjoyed reading this poem. It’s Bri all over, very funny, and the ending is touching. (Did you let your wife read it?) I’m sure most married couples can identify with driving squabbles. I certainly can. What’s more, we both had to redo our licences from scratch here in CZ, and boy was that stressful. Like your new profile photo...

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Douglas Scotney 06 July 2019

looks like you don't phone and drive, Bri aka bew

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