My English Poor Poem by valentin savin

My English Poor

Inspired by
Brian Edwards poem
My English Sucks (english "poor")

Valentin Savin
(My Russian translation)
My English Poor
Маи английские ашипки - 3

Мне в школи было ни до языка.
Я весь урок сидел и ждал званка.
Я Инглиш сдал с трудом едва на три.
Училка мне сказала: «бай-бай Бри! »

Билогичка с матиматичкой мне
Впарили траяк, хватит мол впалне.
Мне нравился фубол и быстрый бек.
Знал мат, у тёлок свой был чиловек.

Я в васимнадцать присигнул на знамя
И пад агнём сражался ва вет Наме.
Вирнулся гироем, не зная сна,
Пахал на заправки как сатана…

Чинил машины, падкручивал гайки,
А шоб видали раны, чинил биз майки.
Настал день, када встретил я дивчонку.
Жизнь удолась имею трёх мальчонков.

Мой Инглиш лучше стал иль можит но…
А ежли дажи но - мне сиравно.
Перевёл Валентин Савин

Translated by Valentin Savin
June 16,2018

Bri Edwards
Inglish Sucks - 3

When I were schooled english wernt my thing.
My scores in English lurning no bells done ring.
Yea I grajaded but ain't english smart ….no lie!
Come end a school year the teach said 'By Bri.'

Was same in bilogy, math, jografy all that stuff.
I done did my best and guess my best were enough.
I did done grate at ball games and in trak run the mile.
I was a THREEletter man and made them girls smile.

I got payed for pumpin gas an turned 18 served my Nation.
For 'Bravry Under Fire' in the NAM I were town sensation.
Back home, all tired, I done gone back to the gas station …..
and worked evry week I culd with no vacasion.

One thing lurned what done good for me was fixin cars.
I worked with shirt of to show of my many NAM scars.
A day done come I met a girl from my dreams.
We got now three kids and life is good it seams.

I think my English done even proved a litle bit ….
but if it don't I don't' mind cuz I is happy an don't give no shit.

(August 29,2014)

Friday, June 22, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
A poet Bri Edwards of the PH inspired me with his poem in which he dwells on using incorrect grammar.
Lungelo S Mbuyazi 25 June 2018

I lie it a lot because same with me English went ma thing,

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Valentin Savin 25 June 2018

Actually I translated two of Bri's My English Sucks (english poor) and posted them both here on my page in Unfortunately I can't find the other one.

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Bri Edwards 22 June 2018

actually i have two poems which may have inspired Valentin. My Englsh Sucks....etc. THIS IS ACTUALLY THE POEM WHICH Val refers to as My Inglish Sucks - 3 i wrote no poem with 3 in it. ha ha. and My Inglish Sucks -2...etc. there is no My Inglish Sucks -3..etc. bri ;)

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Valentin Savin 25 June 2018

Bri, I've translated your Inglish Sucks - 2 and posted it somewhere here on my page. But I can't find it.

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valentin savin 23 June 2018

Thanks Bri! As far as I understand you have no objections as to my translation of your poem, except my numbering it. I did it on purpose, as you told me there are two of them so I decided that this one (the latest was -3) . The previous one is 2. And I thought there should be still one more – number one. And I’ve been “pressing” you to give me the first one. If you objecting to my numbering them, I shall delete the numbers.

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Bri Edwards 22 June 2018

i like the translation more than my English 'original'! ! ! ha ha. fooled ya? i CAN'T READ THE RUSSIAN. I SUCK AT LEARNING English and all other languages! ! ! [not that i've tried to learn others (except some Spanish/Espanol in high school, AND some Japanese since marrying my fourth wite.) .] of course i've had nearly 70 years to learn what English i DO know, though i've probably forgotten some of it. to MyPoemList. bri ;)

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valentin savin 23 June 2018

Hi, Bri! I know that you a very good jokester, that’s why I take for granted your “I like the translation more than my English 'original'! I believe you’ve felt it by the spinal cord. Val

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