My Feelings Poem by Deepti Agarwal

My Feelings

Rating: 5.0

Red and manly cheeks
make me so vulnerable,
I tease and further tease
seeing him in red-blushes
from ear to ear,

love-soaked love
I get in response
when I go naughty
and I hear loving words
flowing into my ears,
dissolving me all
in his embrace,

He plucks an unripen fruit
climbing atop a tree
risking his life for me
waiting for an appreciation
for all the hard work he has done.

A twinkle in his eye
just like a small school boy
always waiting for my nod
as his world revolves around me
making me feel so proud.

When he is questioned
for the grocery, I asked to bring
he sheepishly grins, telling 'he forgot'
next moment he observes my anger
for on the table grocery is neatly rested.

His long sturdy fingers
tenderly play with my hair
lovingly, try to detangle them
looking deep into my eyes
causing all butterflies inside.

I feel so blessed
to be part of his life
his strength, his weakness
affection and love
all reserved just for me.


Mark Nwagwu 29 May 2008

it's wonderful to be lost in someone - that's what love's all about. But i don't know about feelings - they're so complex, both deceptive and affirmative.Feelings have huge dimensions - this is a good write, yes

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Samanwaya Njaaneya 29 May 2008

theres only one satallite for earth......

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Ted M 02 September 2009

Quite an interesting write and quite a romance, written very well with nice choice of words. The effect could be still better I think if the first 2 paras and the 6th were linked and placed in the proper order. Lovely and Interesting write.............10+++ p.s. I did close my eyes at a certain point.........just joking...........

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Mamta Agarwal 09 June 2008

marital life is like a roller coaster ride. i enjoyed reading this one. i think all married women experienxe the same feelings you have shared.

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Sanjay Pandian 01 June 2008

Thnx Sarojini Naidu for a crash course on love, marriage, responsibility and the feelings and thoughts that a wife has for her husband. Hope you have made your husband read this one. Very romantic and inspiring. Mundane things of life put in a very nice way. BTW check put Jon London's poems too. Nice to have joined this site because of you. Going to read your other poems too. Take care. Keep smiling. LOL

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Vidi Writes 31 May 2008

Its said - Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime, than it becomes a miracle. Its a mixure of sweet, hot, red and cool All about love and being in love. Every man's devoted feelings. Let this miracle take you to heaven. Nice Feelings. Worth inspiring love.

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Kesav Easwaran 29 May 2008

very good feelings these deepti! thanks for sharing...

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