... My Fight For Life... Poem by Ken e Hall

... My Fight For Life...

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ROUND ONE. I'm ready fit chubby with Gods armour of love
Millions of years evolving gentle pure as a dove
Five days old giggles sleeping kicking strong
A baby boy I am so many inches long

My fight was unevenly matched for sure
Turmoil mindset heart ache wretched poor
Mothers love escapes on the back of a dragon bending in sane
Blanket and plastic wrapped I'm launched down a drain

My next appointment concrete ten feet down
Ends my free fall out for the count with an injured crown
Five days pass Gods plan keeps me alive I start to cry
I hear cars and life passing by

An angel from heaven beckens two cyclists to rest so near
The cry they hear they think its a cat in fear
On inspection they cry its a baby down in this hole
I'm so weak just by a tiny span of time I cling on to my soul

The police and medics arrive to find me alive and still
News goes vi-rel and all are amazed at my tiny strength and will
The pro's and cons of why I am here leads to a no where reason
Which led God's hand to stop this life's treason

NB.the true horror story in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia

Friday, November 28, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
Valsa George 28 November 2014

Occasionally miracles happen in life..... This too must be one such miracle! The pro's and cons of why I am here leads to a no where reason Which led God's hand to stop this life's treason Now since God's intervention is clear, spend the rest of your life in thankfulness to him! Hope you are perfectly OK now! Great write!

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Geetha Jayakumar 24 January 2015

Beautiful poem, describing the tiny soul fights for its life. It's really a miracle that baby escaped from all the possibilities of dangers, which could have either left him dead or handicapped. Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing.

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Soulful Heart 13 January 2015

superb way of survival saga........reminds of all those miracles we find in disasters like earthquakes where in all the rubble we sometimes find a tiny life yet breathing...............

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A very challenging and creative composition!

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Lyn Paul 17 December 2014

This truly was an amazing story. This baby may never know the true story. Great to inform the world of a positive event. Wow you look fab for 99. What is your wrinkle cream? A Merry Christmas Ken

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* Sunprincess * 17 December 2014

.........nicely written....I read this online, hopefully he will be ok...and they find the person responsible...

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