My Gorgeous Girl Poem by Michael P. McParland

My Gorgeous Girl

Kira you truly are my beloved gorgeous girl,
for you my heart flutters with true loves desire
and I just want to hold you and kiss you
forever and ever saying I love you
and thank you for everything over and over.
You are so gorgeous in body and spirit
that you drive me wild with passion no matter the reason.
You are my gorgeous girl and I love you my darling
and I ask God everyday to bring back my Kira.
You are so gorgeous and an Angel so righteous
that I would give my whole life for just one day of your company.
You are my gorgeous girl and who I so long for,
you are my Queen I gloat over because you are wonderful.

Kira you are my gorgeous girl and so very beautiful,
I just want to be with you kissing you over and over.
A gorgeous soul with a gorgeous heart.
And why shouldn't I make it clear what a gorgeous face,
smile, eyes, and body you have?
You're the complete woman I want and need to have,
you are my Kira I adore to no end.
Kira you're gorgeous and it is you as you are that I want so bad,
I love you so deeply and I trust you completely.
You are my gorgeous girl and to me that is everything.

My Gorgeous Girl
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: kiss,snuggle,true love
Kira you will always be my gorgeous girl. As a man others will always be attractive but you're the only one I'll ever want and give myself too. You are amazing my sweet one. If you want me to get on my knees to ask you to come back I will sweet girl. You're all I want and need my sweet darling dear. You will always be my Queen and sweet Angel dove. ILYF
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