My Last Day At School Poem by Craig Mize

My Last Day At School

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The alarmed sounded,
Damn 6: 30 comes quickly I thought.
The aroma of bacon cooking
Flowed through the house.
Mama was cooking breakfast.
Bacon, eggs, grits and biscuits
My favorite I thought to myself.
Ready to eat, I rush in and set down
Enjoyed every bit of it as mama watch.
I looked at the time and quickly jumped up
Told mama thank you for the food
And out the door I went. I was running late
I couldn't be late today, not today.
Today is picture day and damn I look good
I got the new J's on, pants creased,
Fresh cut and I know all the girls love me.
I am the teams starting quarterback,
Class president, and a honor student.
I guess you can say that I'm blessed.
I get to school and it's business as usual.
Ms. Sims is explaining this math equation
But then I hear the cries,
The pain in the their voices, the fear.
I hear the the the firing of the guns,
Smell the smoke, and I see him.
Charles Murphy, but why.
Why are you doing this? Why the anger,
What hurt brought you to do this?
Bullets start to dance all around me
The shells are falling out the gun like tears
I begin to try to run but I can't,
My legs won't allow me to move anymore
Numbness, straight numbness.
I have been hit, I know it. I see the blood.
I panic and try to call out for help,
But it seems like my screams are mute.
As I lie there awaiting to see God,
I start to think back to this morning
Did I tell my mama that I love her?
That I appreciate everything that she does
Did I give her a kiss goodbye?
My dad works nights,
So last night will my last night seeing him
I never got to apologize to him
To tell him that I'm sorry for taking the car.
I hope that he will finally forgive me.
I realize that I won't ever make it to prom,
That I never really kissed Sasha.
That she never knew how much I love her.
I'm facing the fact that this may be
My last day at school, my last day alive.
I see death. The devil I looked in his eyes
He looks just like my best friend,
But his eyes; blacker than an endless pit,
Love didn't live there any more.
Just coldness, hate and malice.
But I still loved him, he was my friend
All the way to the very end
When he pulled the trigger
And took my happiness, my joy, my life.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: death,pain,school
This poem was inspired by all of the school shootings that happen here in America
Naila Rais 13 May 2018

So deep poetry... Keep it up.... Nice imagination of using words to a great fact...10 +++ Naila

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Ellen Hubbard 12 May 2018

W O W Good stuff, Craig. I really am moved by this poem

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Bernard F. Asuncion 09 May 2018

Dear Craig, such an interesting poem👍👍👍

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Craig Mize

Craig Mize

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