My Oasis Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

My Oasis

Rating: 5.0

</>How long,
should it matter
or is it just desire
out-living performance?

They lay beneath desert moon
Turning toward the past
Placing blame on the:
Sand-blind -eyes
Heart in bind
Face in frown
Idle arms
Bridled mouth
Now, passion upsurges!

His arm surrounds her waist
His eyes gleam lust as
Both relax in shade
Hands stray
Poetry awakes
Passion stirs:
male drone takes scent of
sweet nectar -filled orchid;
Fluttering, humming, and
pulsating to the sound of wings-
then performs magnificently.

looking down into the face
of her newborn babe hushed
against her bosom suckled
feeding warm-sweet -milk.
Douse in delight, completing
one another as warm cream
fills the void.
Her oasis,
Her sanctuary.
Their safe heaven to
Dwell repeatedly.

[this is a 2nd edition,1st written in the raw 2004 when my years of journaling morph into poetry.
Copyright 2005

Pranab K Chakraborty 04 May 2010

Male drone takes scent of / Sweet -nectar filled orchid / Fluttering, humming, and / Pulsating to the sound of wings. / Performing magnificently. .............. Unity and harmony as Warm cream fills the void .............. Her oasis, / Her sanctuary / Her safe heaven to / Dwell in repeatedly You have created these metaphores! You have engraved poetry with such philosophical insight ! We are grateful poet to illustrate the life as a meaningful journey. With regards prab

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Sheldon Saluta 04 May 2010

i rated this one 10 you know what, when i read this, i felt uneasiness! it boosted my to wild, i heated. and i dont know why!

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Afzal Shauq 04 May 2010

She looks at the face of her newborn babe Hushed against her breast, Suckle feeding warm-sweet -milk Douse with delight gathering Unity and harmony as Warm cream fills the void lovely stanza of very rich poem..i loved the whole poem and enjoyed..well done

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Adi Cox 05 May 2010

The more I read this poem the more I like it. My interpretation is that you are looking back through the sands of time to fond memories that is symbolised by your oasis. The water of love. I am sure that this poem is proof of the good times you have had and as a reader it made me feel good too. Don't get lost in the sand dunes. Take care.

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Yelena M. 03 June 2010

Wonderfully expressed, Almedia.Amazing in its depth and spiritual inspiration.Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Yelena.

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Eyan Desir 14 May 2010

lovely poem very well express

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Yacov Mitchenko 09 May 2010

This poem, I feel, is stronger and more original than the first I read. I'm in agreement with John Knight that it recalls the Biblical story of Abraham and Sarah. This could be interpreted literally: the conceiving of a child in old age. But what I think you're talking about here is spiritual and artistic renewal. It's not so much about the sexual act per se as it is about passion reawakened. I especially enjoyed the language, which is fresh and dynamic.

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John Knight 05 May 2010

Lovely Poem Almedia and to me it evokes the lovely Biblical Story of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was 99 (men never give up hope) but Sarah was 90 and IVF was not available on the Hebrew NHS. But (with a little help from Jehovah) 'They lay benaeth the desert moon - his arm surrounds her waist - hand stray - passion stirs - magnificent perfromance'. Sarah laughed when the baby was prophesised (well who wouldn't) which was why they called the baby ISAAC which means laughter. Who says that Jehovah has no sense of humour - after all he created the FROG. Isaac had a son JACOB whose name was changed to ISRAEL. The Sons of Jacob became the Twelve tribes of Isreal. Levi did not have a named tribe because his descendents were the priests. For there to be twelve - the favorite son Joseph got a tribe for each of his sons EPHRAIM & MENASSEH. Thanks for sharing - Love through Poetry - JOHN

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Agree with Poet Adi ‘nostalgia doused’ poetry where Poet’s Motherhood explicitly and with-touch-of-tenderness dealt with Imagery nicely woven and nicely juxtaposed Her oasis, /Her sanctuary/Her safe heaven to/Dwell in repeatedly’ What I understand best [designer made] oasis, refuse, asylum and sanctuary are not heaven but in Motherhood [cumulatively both for Mother and son] = give good gift to society a progeny what every Mother aims at…and here lies the selflessness… magic of Moms to enjoy ~ vicariously. Thanks Ma’am for such a excellent number. 10++ Ms. Nivedita

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