My Other Love Poem by ANJALI SINHA

My Other Love

Rating: 5.0

He’s active as quicksilver,
Ageless as the sun,
Agile as a stream,
And alert as a bird in springtime.

Holding eachother's hand,
We’d walk down the stream,
He’d hold me so close,
As if I could get lost-
As illusive as a dream—

When I was a runner,
As boisterous as the stormy seas,
He’d be as blunt as a hammer,
But calm as the summer sea.

I cherish those memories,
As candid as mirrors,
Don’t want to be thrasonical, -
But made me into a pearl.

Guided me to school,
Waited interminable hours,
To see my sunshine- face,
Told me many stories,
of gods and goddesses,
And made me inflexible granite rock,
As gracious as the morn,
And as regal as Juno.

Now he’s helpless,
Unstable as the wind,
Frail as a lily,
But inexhaustible as the deep blue sea,
Immaculate as an angel,
Steadfast in his devotion.


(I dedicate this poem to my Grandfather)

Shimon Weinroth 26 September 2008

lovely colorful metaphors, one can only envy the devotion and compassion expressed in a lovely poem

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Ravi Sathasivam 06 November 2008

A great tribute to your grandfather. Excellent write. I always enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing with me

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C. P. Sharma 17 November 2008

Anjali, there are some relationships which are difficult to describe in words. But you have expressed it so beutifully, effortlessly and naturally. Cudos to you. Similies, metaphors and epithets in your poems are a criss-cross multicoloured fountains of Vrindravan Gardens. CP

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 08 December 2008

My other love My hoary hear canopy Or my earthly panoply That shelters me from Pain and agony. Is Sweeter than honey And dearer than money. Good work A++++10

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Jim Norausky 05 January 2009

Anjali, This is really a very beautiful poem capturing the love you feel for him.10 here. Jim

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Rachel Butler 19 September 2009

Don’t want to be thrasonical, - But made me into a pearl. Rachel Ann Butler

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Siddharth Singh 23 July 2009

Your admiration for him seems unwavering and that's the way it must be.

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Nikunj Sharma 16 July 2009

as long as the world lives and as long as the sun stays may he stay with you always...always... this is touching....reminded me of my grandpa...

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Sanjib Das 14 July 2009

Anju, you are not a god poet but a good lady also. You have a mind full of sympathy and you create an immortal one.

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Sandra Martyres 06 July 2009

What a beautiful poem dedicated to your must so be difficult to watch him getting frail - but love is the best tonic for him...I am sure he treasures his relationship with you his loving grand daughter...10+++

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