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The train stopped suddenly in a halt,
Later I came to know it's a mechanical fault,
I got down from the train with curiosity,
My mind was full of gaity;

You come in my dream as a lover,
I want to be your true lover
The stars are blooming in the skies,
Still you are in my eyes

I heard a call at midnight,
Being frightened, I pressed my pillow tight.
Again the voice called me by name,
I considered the ghost or the same.

O Love! O Life! O Time!
On whose last steps I climb,
Shaking at what where I had stood before;
When will return the glory of your prime?

Michael! Michael! Michael,
Now You are an angel.
You gone for ever,
Leaving billion and billion admirer.

One day I came across a lady in on-line,
Later, she has blocked my heart-line.
For solve my problem, she has wholeheartedly attempted,
For her kindness, I am tempted.

Once I asked: ' Do you love me? '
You repeated the same to me.
There is no answer,
Your silence proves I'm your lover.

Everyday I open my computer,
Only to see her.
When, through message, I find her,
Seems to me, she's still near.

You are in my dream,
you become my poetic theme.
What happens today,
I am waiting for you all the day.

No! No! Oh! No - It's not my subject,
I invoke muse in Mount Abora
I create something in my own
Exclusively own.

Never search to tell thy love,
Love that never expressed can be;
For the time does move
Gradually, invisibly.

Jyoti Babu! Jyoti Babu! Jyoti Babu,
Through your political activities, you show your view.
You are my ideal leader,
I am your blind supporter.

Your tortured and battered soul goes to Heaven for peace,
You get the Heavenly bliss.
You sit beside Jesus,
You are full of gracious.

I walk the path
In my mind some questions arise,
None can realize
Still the silent conversation going.

Remember my existence in your deaam,
You can also visualize my words in your day-dream.
I am far away from you,
I am waiting everyday for you.

I am stading alone in the evening,
Absolutely alone:
I am looking at the sky,
Full of stars,

Oh Psyche! you are searching me,
You are known to me.
I am near to you,
Your curiosity keeps in you.

I am alone absolutely alone,
I visualise how my childhood had gone.
I want to get back my near and dear,
After death, they becomr star.

A day's light is still on,
A breeze is blowing on.
I am lying silently,
I am looking helplessly.


In the morning, got up with dream,
Dream in the wee hours of the night
It comes true-people say,
I hold tight to dream

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I am a research scholar, doing research on English.I want to be friend all of the member of poemhunter. com)

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The train stopped suddenly in a halt,
Later I came to know it's a mechanical fault,
I got down from the train with curiosity,
My mind was full of gaity;
The platform was empty,
Here and there full of natural beauty,
I asked a hawker what's the name of the station,
My mind was full of tension;
If the train started without me suddenly,
I went back my seat hurriedly,
The hawker replied the name Adlestop,
The Express train doesn't give any stop.

I got the chance to relish natural beauty,
My rejuvenated mind became mighty,
I wrote a lot of poems carefully,
My mind had been filled fully,
The platform gave me a nostalgic drag with sadness,
I remembered my parents had been remaining with

The train started with slow pace,
I did nothing only guess,
In my mind I visualised my father watered the plant,
After a while my mind became blunt,
I asked myself what happened,
Only I felt Adlestop became my friend.

I left Adlestop- the halt station,
I felt, in my mind, a kind of sad sensations,
May be I will never go to Adlestop,
Certainly for a short time it makes my life a fullstop.

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Anjali Sinha 06 October 2009

When I wish to read true poetry that captures not only my attention, but my heart, I turn to Sanjib, Truely a pleasure to read. regards Anjali

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Achuthan V R 01 October 2009

you can think and think more. edit the poem! hail thee into the world of composition!

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Raj Nandy 28 September 2009


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