My Soul Wanders, Erring Poem by Rani Turton

My Soul Wanders, Erring

Rating: 4.1

My soul wanders, erring; to my great surprise:
I didn’t know I possessed one.
That to this day and that when tomorrow should come
I will look at what I’ve become.

Mother had gone on, long ago.
Father was left behind, and now his day is almost done
My soul, however, like a trailing star
Wanders, erring, in an elliptical way, circling far;
The past returns often to confront me
The past is still present and Memory,
Another phantom, well-nigh vanquishes me.

Somewhere or the other, earth’s cities and life’s mysteries
Would swim into vision, blurred by tears
Church-bells, conch-shells, the muezzin’s call
Awaken me; sometimes in the heat of day
I thought it was night, I watched, delusion’s wide-eyed wonder
The flight of the wild Siberian cranes flying high
In my dreams, I heard the crashing of waves on the shore
My soul had wandered off once more.

At night stars would whisper, I would awaken
With a start it was as though I felt the moonlight
Caressing my face, tangibly:
Thus I had to confront the darkness to know that I
Was yet in another silent place, inevitably.

My soul errs wandering, wondering, waiting
The lanes are long and winding;
My soul wanders, weary, and waits with longing and fear
Wonders what lies next in the finding.
Of life, of mystery, of the unwinding of destiny’s plans
The final outcome lies in Somebody’s hands.

Theresa Moore 10 June 2008

Your poem carries a wonderful message of caring in the present...transporting thoughts to the mysteries of destiny. You have crafted a beautiful and comforting poem. Thank you.

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Flora Gillingham 11 June 2008

Skilfully expressed sentiments. If we are masters and mistresses of our fates, hopes and dreams - it is only to a point... Fx

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Dr.subhendu Kar 12 June 2008

My soul errs wandering, wondering, waiting The lanes are long and winding; .......................lovely poem when wrought from the soul`s heart uniquely blended by the reeks of apprhension as one faces in his oneday when it flows acros the life, and at times we do the undone, wonderful write,10+, thanks for sharing

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Cathleen Hodgkinson 12 June 2008

Rani- I couldn't have happened upon your poem at such a needed time in my life...'My soul wanders, weary and waits with longing and fear'...We must remember to trust that our souls have the unique ability to weather every circumstance and guide us in this in your soul as your soul trusts in destiny...Thank You! ....Cathy

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'destiny’s plans' your soul move towards the light where sunflower lives....*10*

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Vidi Writes 24 June 2008

This wandering erring soul Is the culprit behind all crimes Simple or complex. There is a limit how much can be controlled At times, ideologies fail Temptations triumph At the end we put our Destiny In those 'Someones' hand! A truth... well dipicted. Thank you dear poet.

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Chitra - 23 June 2008

Wonderful! loaded with insights and points to ponder upon

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Sadiqullah Khan 18 June 2008

this poem beautifully explains the 'errands of the soul'' into many places but ultimately a Someone, , , spiritual journey is a discovery on its own and every one should strive for it, , great write rani, ,

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Original Unknown Girl 17 June 2008

Wow! Impressed. Has an almost other era-quality to it, it could easily have been written by one of the classics. The final line is very telling, it's something as humans we all feel, that one day someone will save us. (But I keep hearing that we save ourselves, and yet.........) HG: -) xx

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Katherine Wiley 17 June 2008

A nice, thinking piece about destiny. Kate

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