Nature' S Kindergarten Poem by Sanjay Mehta

Nature' S Kindergarten

Rating: 5.0

Deep, blue sky,
With clouds white.
Gentle breeze
Kissing the branches, trees, leaves
And the nascent buds in between
The concrete crust.

Stronger it blows
Trees take to the floor
Branches conduct the choir
White to grey
Synergy high
Bang the floor
To tunes of thunder
Lightening strikes
In the milieu
Pours the virile
The entire show
In silence bids bye.

Payal Parande 26 September 2012

how beautiful, fantastic, and well pinned, i see every comment start with it and why shouldn't they start with this words this poem deserve each word and so more..really sir you have described each element of nature so delicately which makes this piece fascinating and phenomenal.....i am in awe thank you so much for sharing love payal

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Sania Bashir 27 September 2012

fantaboulus...simple n sweet...

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Indranil Bhaduri 25 September 2012

Fantastic...Every line touches me. Great job.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 25 September 2012

the nature is seen from different perspective and it is well penned! Nice!

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Thomas Hsi 25 September 2012

Carefully chosen words, in a vivid description of nature's interplay. A very nice poem, thanks!

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Neela Nath Das 12 October 2012

Nature is the best mother who with her cascade of beauty can nurture her children. A wonderful write Mr.Mehta.10+++

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Marieta Maglas 01 October 2012

Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing.10.

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Valsa George 30 September 2012

Nature in a variety of moods is beautifully portrayed! An enjoyable read!

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Ramesh Rai 29 September 2012

beautiful compose n to read also

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Shivani Gupta 28 September 2012

Nature's beauty is completely captured in so few words..simple and sweet..

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