Subtle Fight Poem by Sanjay Mehta

Subtle Fight

Rating: 4.9

From stone age
To present times
A subtle fight
With the might of time.

As was then
Hasn't changed
Million years hence
Still, a subtle fight
With the might of time.

Has held that state
Which our ancestors faced
A character
Which has
The entire humanity dazed.

Still, a subtle fight
With the might of time
All endeavours
Of humanity have failed.


We can`t call it a mission impossible, we are standing confounded and less spirited on the pavement of these happenings of diametrically polar identities. An optimistic note from any of us can reverse the situation either. It is yet another gem of your poetic concerns.Well written Mr Mehta.

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Payal Parande 20 October 2012

having a steady flow of words with a truth..a perfect poem indeed thank you for sharing sir love payal

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Persian Khushi 20 October 2012

great writing. many tried to but all failed trying their hand at world peace.

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Akanksha Bhatt 20 October 2012

very nice write! beautifully penned! :)

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Asif Andalib 19 October 2012

Really war and strife is as old as human civilization. So many great personalities came but no one was able to stop it for good and make all dogmas and races as one. We wonder about our future. Beautiful write

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Soulful Heart 10 December 2012

That's unwinding the saga of humanity against all adversities and more.............................great work

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Poetheart Morgan 25 October 2012

Always poet and unfortunately men love this fight and how about us? ? ? Beautiful

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Marieta Maglas 22 October 2012

well written poem-thank you for sharing it

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Aung Si 21 October 2012

Great job! lots of feelings invested/fine to relish

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Valsa George 21 October 2012

The fight goes on from time immemorial to time indefinite! Nice read!

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