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Rating: 4.8

Lord giveth the brain
To be sane
Which we all
Have profaned.

Made amongst us
Few insane
Mirrored reflection
For the sane.

But this brain
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The misuse of brain is a historic eventuality prompted by the so called progress based on materialism. God who remained idle for 4 billion years without giving sense to the dinosaurs and the other living beings of remote past blundered just 6000 years ago... We are help[ess

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Anita Sehgal 15 October 2012

enjoyed reading the brainy poem.. it can be used both ways..

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Valsa George 15 October 2012

By misusing the brain, we make it a bane, though God deposited it in us as a boon. A splendid write! !

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Shivani Misra 15 October 2012

What a beautiful message conveyed! Now-a-days human beings behave no less than animals n we r one of them. We have forgotten what is the actual purpose of the things gifted to us by God. We misuse them, and that is the reason for our insanity. Once you've don't value what u have, u lose it, u lose the essence, u lose the preciousness. Hats off. Awesome write.

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Ramesh Rai 15 October 2012

Human being is the weakest creatures in nature but God has gifted a magnificent thing that is brain. but it is pity less human being can utilise it properly. xlent write.

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Aung Si 31 October 2012

I enjoy the whole poem.overall message is really fantastic.the last stanza makes me out of words.Well done! ! ! ! my vote is 8.

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Sania Bashir 25 October 2012

very well, , sometimes insane brain drain...

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Marieta Maglas 22 October 2012

Nice poem about brains -God bless.

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Allemagne Roßmann 18 October 2012

well brawned brained poetry..great wit and write

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Soulful Heart 17 October 2012

bliss is for those who are insane................indeed so true

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