Never Ending Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Never Ending

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We are all cannon fodder
For the beast called 'War'

Wars are constant, on going
Since the dawn of man

All of us, young and old
Warrior's, Battlefield Earth

Where the beast called 'War'
Feeds on blood and gore

Innocents abound
From newly born to those aged

None are spared
ALL, a feast for the beast

Warrior, Battlefield Earth

Never Ending
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: wars
I arrived South Vietnam 11 May 1966 fresh off a Minnesota dairy farm,18 years old. U.S. Army, Radio Operator. Assigned PhuBai, South Vietnam 20 months. Many of my friends did not make it out. I think my mother's prayers saved me from the beast. It has been 48 years, but, the memories last.
Kim Barney 04 March 2015

I'm sure glad you made it out, my friend. Did I ever tell you that you are mentioned in my poem POETRY HEAVEN? We haven't had much communication lately since you have been over there in Thailand.

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Kim Barney 24 July 2015

Hey, the recent addition of the picture of you as an eighteen-year-old is a nice touch! What is that certificate that you are receiving?

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Michael Walker 03 August 2016

I like seeing your photo as an 18 year-old. the fact that you experienced this war gives you an edge when writing about it. Very good.

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Michael Walker 21 February 2017

A really good photo to go with this poem. The message of 'Never Ending' is, I think, timeless and certainly important today-war is brutal like a beast, tragic, and is it necessary?

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Varsha M 10 January 2021

Yes sir i agree about the post traumatic experience. It's never easy to be in war, though it seems a pride and honor but put to be in war is not easy. I salute your courage and efforts. Sir your poem is just too good. This is my first war poem i think i have read.

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michael walker 18 July 2019

I like 'Never Ending' very much, based as it is on personal experience. A fine photo also.

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Michael, thank you for your comments! !

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Kathy Wright 26 March 2019

I am honored to be Darwin's sister as I read one poem after another. Deep, piercing emotions. He is my oldest brother in a family of two boys and 5 sisters. Memories of childhood, working in the fields and family traditions of Christmas joys and parents love. Darwin, you are one of a kind.Thank you for sharing your poems with the world. Wish everyone could read and learn as they do. Love you my dear, dear brother!

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Ruta Mohapatra 11 February 2019

It is a powerful write! Your comment on my poem led me to your poems. I am glad it did!

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Dr Antony Theodore 25 October 2018

Where the beast called 'War' Feeds on blood and gore Innocents abound From newly born to those aged....... a wonderful poem very touching about the vietnam and your experiences there. many did not make, the prayer of my mum saved me. brutality, cruelty. death, deadly weapons....... oh a cruel world......... this poem made me think a lot my dear poet. thank u. tony

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Darwin Henry Beuning

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