Never Snatch Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Never Snatch

Never snatch the Omnipotent Sun; from the fathomless expanse of mesmerizing
blue sky,

Never snatch the poignantly ravishing salt; from the belly of the tantalizingly undulating ocean,

Never snatch the triumphantly scintillating tip; from the gorgeously invincible silhouette of the gigantic mountain,

Never snatch robustly crimson blood; from the boundless conglomerate of intricately bustling veins,

Never snatch the boisterously humming bee; from the heart of the resplendently blossoming flower; philandering merrily with the exuberant breeze,

Never snatch the rhapsodically ebullient melody; from the victoriously drifting and tantalizing breeze, Never snatch the immaculately Heavenly Moon; from the voluptuously titillating wilderness of the enchanting night,

Never snatch the vibrantly flamboyant wings; from the majestically soaring and uninhibitedly innocuous bird,

Never snatch the thunderously impregnable roar; from the throat of the royally ferocious and unequivocally supreme Lion,

Never snatch celestially ingratiating innocence; from the impeccably frolicking and pristinely princely child,

Never snatch eloquently magnetic voice; from the spell bindingly ravishing and sweet nightingale,

Never snatch irrefutably unconquerable pride; from the soul of the immortally departed and valiant martyr,

Never snatch poignantly glistening sands; from the panoramically sweltering landscape of the blisteringly golden desert,

Never snatch naturally proliferating virility; from a harmoniously blending and symbiotically breathing organism,

Never snatch the rustically embellished roots; from the colossally sprawling and aristocratically tree,
Never snatch the wave of sensuously titillating embarrassment; from the freshly adorned and nimbly trembling bride,

Never snatch indispensably Omniscient breath; from a man who altruistically devoted every instant of his life to the service of humanity; tirelessly endeavoring to unite the entire planet in threads of eternal mankind; perpetually alike,

Never snatch immortally unassailable love; from two hearts perennially bonded in chords of symbiotically priceless compassion,

And it is my humble plea to you O! Omnipotently Almighty Lord that no power on this Universe ever succeeds in accomplishing the above; more importantly; no power on this Universe ever succeeds in snatching a Divinely sacred mother; from her newly born and immaculate child.

Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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