~ Newton ~ Einstein ~ Marx ~ Derrida ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Newton ~ Einstein ~ Marx ~ Derrida ~

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~ Newton ~ Einstein ~ Marx ~ Derrida ~
Ms. Nivedita
June 6,2010

Bunkum to burn
Edit ill learn. ~ [A]

Creation ~ Destruction
Learn ~ Relearn. ~ [B]

Profiles learn. ~ [C]

In maze of confusion. ~ [D]

Bunk pseudo learn. ~ [E]

Paradigm shift of
Anchor to U-Turn
Is it Perfect Learn? ~ [F]

Half learn
Quasi-Queasy learn
Obscures cognition. ~ [G]

Wises confirm
To learn
Be not stern. ~ [H]

Pundits affirm
Verity learn
Else are
Hazy learn. ~ [I]

Neurotic Newton: Quips Learn Knowledge Is Vast
Enigmatic Einstein: Puzzling What You Learn Is Relative But
Materialist Marx: Thesis Antithesis Synthesis Is But Dialectical Tact
Delver Derrida: Deconstruction Is New Fuzzy Fact. ~ [J]

Wander I what
Do I accept but? ~ [K]

Burn in Learn
It’s my culmination! ~ [L]

Glossary: With humility glossary given for what I tried to express.

[1] Bunkum ~ Nonsense; ludicrously false statements.
[2] Verity ~ Conformity to reality or actuality. An enduring or necessary ethical or religious or aesthetic truth.
[3] Neurotic ~ Characteristic of or affected by neurosis [Newton suffered from it]
[4] Dialectical ~ Employing dialectic [A contradiction of ideas that serves as the determining factor in their interaction]

Jacques Derrida: French philosopher and critic [born in Algeria]; exponent of deconstructionism [1930-2004]. Deconstruction ~ A philosophical theory of criticism [usually of literature or film] that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 10 June 2010

This poem confirms the author's depth and breadth of knowledge in many schools of thought. Great job Niv, a 10+++

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Rinki Nandy 10 June 2010

really knowledgeable and interesting, , it's only understandable how much research has gone into writting it down.10++ for the research and 10++ for the write. thanks poet niv.

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Bachha Chakravorty 11 June 2010

Experiment makes and propels towards perfection…and we’ve this poet always edging to experimenting on poetry in myriad canvas and format e.g. Fusion Poetry [Ich bin ein Künstler] also writing in polyglot format… This poetry as commented by others done as contemplative one where she distillated many new things/thoughts of learning under one canopy…in glimpse [as here details will make the corpus heavy …in prose it is possible] Indeed theories are flooding and: ‘Burn in Learn/It’s my culmination! As conclusion…I than poet 10+++

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Dr. V. Chakravorty 11 June 2010

Interesting two scientists and two philosophers …all of repute… Ways of learning are many … today’s flab facts are tomorrow’s tarter trash …and through it we’ve to pass … Learning is construction deconstruction [poet mentioned] no one can say final or whistle final...never possible…and poet wisely dissected both wise and pundit’s views… Toast of [? ] satire on Newton-Einstein-Marx-Derrida really enjoying 10++ Dr. V

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Ency Bearis 12 June 2010

An impressive thoughts to poetic verses and coined the scientic and philosophy brain masters.

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Ravi A 14 May 2015

Actually, all the knowledge is deep inside but we search it outside due to our limited individual nature. Seen from its own sake, all the knowledge of this world has a meaning but our individual taste will decide which kind of knowledge is to be naturally absorbed. So, in a sense, the rest of all knowledge which fall outside the perimeter of our natural taste will be viewed as something unnatural, as something of a kind of waste and burden but since human nature is very wast, we can always find an Einstein, Newton, people like Marx, poets like you, writers like Twain, artists like Ravi Varma and so on. Hence, you need not bother on the subject on which you are presently dwelling. Within the stream of diversity, umpteen planes of human thoughts are possible. That means, Marx will be born again and again and if you cannot absorb him, leave him alone. That is the only solution. Christ will be born again and again and if you cannot absorb him, move away from him. That is the only solution. We can't destroy human nature and the volume of knowledge as such. We can only reform ourselves. We can only be selective from individual point of view.

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David Beckham 29 July 2010

The building blocks of a modern society is all deeply rooted in one FACT....that is, 'Knowledge'..As always your poetry is as unique as you! ! 10

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Marieta Maglas 18 June 2010

This poem contributes to the creation of good poetry. Thank you for sharing...

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Your language invaded the universal problematic.... Give full marks for your Satire on Marx....epitomising him in a dialectical framework of loqua abundance The making-use of the surplus of meaning and the lack of a center in order to validate new frontiers of meaning.... A formidable task.. to club three intellectual giants of modern times.

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This is absolutely modern in the choice of diction... Structure, sign and play..... not a title, this is what I want to tell about your poem.Perfection is reached and unreached. Things spoken and unspoken Logocentrism of your poem is wonderful....

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