No-Go Area Poem by Delicate Heart

No-Go Area

Rating: 3.1

I draw your face as a chase.
In the space and every place.
To keep my eyes open wide.
For any intruder he would hide.
In your heart until he fights.
Against my rights.
What else could I do?
To expel your woe.
To win your love.
And end your row.
We meet as misty clouds.
Are to pour their rains out
But we soon depart.
As the sun rises apart.

James Mclain 08 May 2009

Then he has taken you, with your will, to ride not hide the cloud filled happy..

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Written with such............. Zeal i am impressed bravo... u got my 10

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*Smile4ever* 08 May 2009

Its awesome n touching.. Its expresses the real language of love.. U r really a delicate.. i cant rate it as it is beyond figures. thanks 4 sharing. *Smile4ever*

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Maya Hershey 10 May 2009

WOW! ! ! I dont know wat to say! ! you surprise me everytime! its like... i dunno a very nice amazing poem! ! i love it and keep up!

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Life Poem 13 June 2009

Mmm this is creative.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 May 2009

'We meet as misty clouds. Are to pour their rains out But we soon depart. As the sun rises apart.' Soft and green. Love it.

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hmm.. very well done. this is an amazing poem at the begining you started great. Then later at the last four... it was very moving and deep. i give you an 3 stars. keep it up and look foward for more of your poem

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Matthew Berg 10 May 2009

The last four lines express a depth of optimism resultant from a relationship ended by a strong woman. It is very telling of how a relationship can sometimes evolve from an unhealthy cancer to an empowering force. I liked the whole poem but the last four lines were especially good. I look forward to reading more of your poems.

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Barbara Jean 10 May 2009

Wow, i like it. Very well put. Nice

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