Unforgettable Memory Poem by Delicate Heart

Unforgettable Memory

Rating: 4.2

By noon, my life turned upside down.
Turned to shallow and panicky.
When all your bags were packed up.
When you were ready to go.
I would rather die than see you away
You left me taking my heart's joy my happiness
Per day your image crosses my mind.
Like a train which passes by.
You haunted my heart like a ghost.
Who will never depart
As long as we are apart
We swam in the sea together.
But in the deep oceans, you let me drown.
Allowing the ferocious creatures
To gobble my life up.
To tore out my sincere passion and love.
How heartless person were you!
When did not you act.
To grant me just a life boat or a breath of life.
Since that moment my heart scattered.
As ripples of water bulge when a hunter.
Throws his bait to catch a big fish.
But, alas I was not that big fish.
Was the reason of my distress that.
By your innocent smiles, your eye contact.
That makes a heart of stone softens.
The moment their emissions release.
Knowing not what the outcome will be.
In cold blood did you all that.
yet I am still hearing your voice inside.
that room echoing my name letter by letter.
You confined me with heavy strains.
When you determined to sentence me.
In obscure prison for good.
Your image has been sculptured
In my mind.
Like a man cannot wean himself
off his mum's milk
Then life is silliness.
When to live is a torment.

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 30 May 2009

Your tormented life is her triumph, over love, so great! ! !

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Winnie Angel 30 May 2009

dera poet ur poem have the truth to touch every heart.....simply beautiful..

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Ashraful Musaddeq 30 May 2009

Beautiful touching composition 10+++

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WOW! this poem has taken my breathe away. I felt like you were talking to me in this piece. Great job 10++ =]

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good poem i loved it keep writing

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Breakup of love is so devastating

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Chinedu Dike 28 November 2014

The emotion of love lingers long after its source of stimulation is gone. Love is spiritual, it touches one with spiritual experience. A lovely poem well articulated and penned with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Jessica Dehn 10 July 2014

beautiful! You have a great way of allowing your feelings out and allowing others to feel them through your words!

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Life Poem 13 June 2009

Love love love it! -Ilana

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a touching and well penned poem..10+++

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