Tough Love Poem by Delicate Heart

Tough Love

Rating: 2.0

I looked around to see.
Noone but you in my sea.
you alone who deserves.
To be in my own phrase.
Once I look at your eyes.
My heart stops, my soul cries.
Apprehensions inside of me.
Have rusted my heart's key.
My lips wish me a bit to speak.
But, my inclination is too weak.
I am staring at your angelic face
And it seems there is, but a curse.

Lynda Robson 14 March 2009

Quite a deep poem, I read it twice to understand it, 10 Lynda

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Barry A. Lanier 06 April 2009

'It seems there is, but a curse'mmmh a powerful ending, , , , , ,

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Howard Kern 10 June 2009

try writing your poetry with 'WORD' spell check is a wonderful thing. the red will catch misspellings and green will improve grammer. Writers write.

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Mona Martinez 19 May 2009

i liked that..very creative and good choice of words... :)

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Muhammad Ali 27 April 2009

Different and the real one! ... but it is life and this is love 10+

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L.J. Mooney 25 April 2009

I can definitely empathise with your love being unspoken. It is a curse that befalls many people. What we desire is within reach, but human fraility causes us to fall with arms outstretched. A simple and enjoyable poem. Well done.

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 10 April 2009

a potent and straight forward poem.. it gets ur attention nice

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