The Nature Of Love Poem by Delicate Heart

The Nature Of Love

Rating: 2.4

Love is like the unstable clouds.
You can never control its vows.
And we are the melodious birds.
In the sky sometimes we fly.
Too high as a soul is to die.
We sometimes rise out of happiness.
But sometimes we cry outta tenderness.
Like the changeable clime of our cite.
When you love somebody deeply.
You can do miracles to get a plea.
With every motion of a cloud.
Our hearts overheat and cry aloud.
Longing for cure out of pain.
But in vain.
Love is the instigator of our rifts.
Like the wind in a storm when it hits


Slade Oriley 03 May 2009

This is a pretty cool poem. It puts lif in it's true prospective.10

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Jithu Varghese 03 May 2009

I like your style of writing... this one is a good read.. keep them coming.. :)

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Tara Chettur 04 May 2009

Hi, The nature of love for you is like clouds...nice comparison! keep up! Thnks for inviting me to read your poem appreciate if you could pass some coments on my poem aswell.

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Hari Khabrani 04 May 2009

Poet dear, Your love is stable. But love to the lover. May be your beloved in search of you may be. Think positive and love is close to you dear. Never mind my suggestions, you emot.

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Absent Wryta 10 May 2009

Rhymes beautifully. Impression words and view on love

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Emily Oldham 10 May 2009

i like it, your style's really nice.thanks keep writing Athena *** words will change the world ***

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Maya Hershey 07 May 2009

its more than perfect! ! i dunno wat to say! ! i like your style i think you get me wen i read ur poems, as if you have this feeling inside like i do! ! keep on i like ur work! !

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Rosalita Fernandez 05 May 2009

This is lovely-straight to my favourites

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Duh Huh 05 May 2009

I love the last 2 lines. It seems to tie all together. Thank you for sharing :)

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