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No More Clichés

Rating: 4.0

Beautiful face
That like a daisy opens its petals to the sun
So do you
Open your face to me as I turn the page.

Enchanting smile
Any man would be under your spell,
Oh, beauty of a magazine.

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Yacov Mitchenko 15 June 2010

Octavio Paz has written some magnificent poetry and is among my favorite 20th century poets, but this work is only passable. Paz expresses a fine sentiment - namely, that a woman should be appreciated for many reasons, and her looks is the least of them. There is beauty in her charm, intelligence, character, but I fail to see how all this goes beyond the cliches. The last 2 stanzas are particularly poor: I see 2 cliches and 2 trite and prosaic statements. Note: 'bright star in this ever-spending universe', 'world of pain', 'fighter...', and 'contemplate the night and its bright stars'. The first and last of these are certainly cliches, while 'world of pain' and 'fighters...' are trite and prosaic. Many readers judge a poem (falsely) on the basis of whether it agrees with their sensibilities, whether it has certain political content. In short, their judgements are usually emotive, divorced from considerations of craft and artistry. I for one can recognize and laud a poem whose content may be offensive (or at least controversial) , but which is beautifully and originally crafted.

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Sandra Dodd 17 January 2010

As a woman, not one who writes, I am honored that there is a man on the planet who thinks like this. Great Job! Now required reading for the girls I mentor, if ya dont mind. Gotta try to get them to set the bar higher.

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Floyd Zimmerman 08 September 2009

How is 'contemplating the night' not a cliche? No, it is a great poem really.

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Darlan M Cunha 15 August 2016

Octavio Paz is always by my side. He's really cool.

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Kim Barney 06 February 2015

I think Czyka Tumaliuan hit the nail on the head with the comment offered below. Also, those who are finding various faults with the poem could be right, but I would like to read the poem in its original Spanish to see if it may have received a bad translation here. Does anyone know where I can see a copy of the original?

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Perfecto 09 December 2020

Perfecto Perfecto Perfecto Perfecto Perfecto Perfecto Perfecto

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Mahtab Bangalee 25 May 2020

no this is not Clichés this is poem beautiful poem for the beautiful woman .......

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Ratnakar Mandlik 25 May 2020

A great glowing tribute to the heroic deeds of women and their empowered actions at the same time describing disillusion with physical beauty of women. A well deserved modern pooem of the day.

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Savita Tyagi 25 May 2020

Great tribute to all women.

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Rajnish Manga 25 May 2020

A great tribute to all women who are endowed with prowess and ability to remain invincible come what may in the face of adversity or a challenge. Thanks a lot.

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